WoW: Dragonflight – Fractures in Time Launch Trailer

Developer Blizzard Entertainment shared the launch trailer for the major World of Warcraft: Dragonflight update 10.1.5: Fractures in Time. The patch lands today, July 11th, bringing with it a wealth of new content and class changes. Explore the Dawn of the Infinite mega-dungeon, discover the Augmentation Evoker specialization, unravel the time streams in Time Rifts public events, and more!

Once the maintenance is over, players will be able to take part in the new Mythic-only Mega-Dungeon: Dawn of the Infinite. It will feature eight bosses that will take players across the timeways to prevent Nozdormu’s transformation into Murozond. You might run into some other familiar faces, both friend and foe alike.

The Dractyr Evokers get their own expansion: the new support spec Augmentation. Augmentation Evokers deliver their damage in a wholly unique way. They act as force multipliers, increasing their group’s capabilities (and damage output) significantly.

As the boundaries between the timelines weaken, minions from other timelines have begun making their way into Azeroth. Join other players to take on Time Rifts, new type of public event, to push back against the waves of minions, and plug the hole to set the timeways straight again.

Other interesting patch additions including Warlock class update, Whelp Daycare activity and Dragonriding racing event Kalimdor Cup. Check out the trailer above to see some of these in action!


Blizzard also shed light on what is coming further beyond, after patch 10.1.5. In Fall 2023, players can expect to receive new story and quests, holiday refresh and even content & system updates in a minor patch. However, at a later point Dragonflight will receive another major update with the following additions:

  • New zone & story content;
  • New Raid;
  • New open world challenges;
  • New Renown track & activities;
  • New PvP Season;
  • New Mythic+ Dungeon Pool;
  • New content and features.

Stay tuned to find out more!

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