WoW Shadowlands – Check Out Tazavesh Mega-Dungeon

WoW Shadowlands - Check Out Tazavesh Mega Dungeon 2

The developers from Blizzard Entertainment have taken to the official site of MMORPG World of Warcraft: Shadowlands to introduce players to the mega-dungeon Tazavesh, the Veiled Market, arriving in patch 9.1 Chains of Domination to test the mettle of Azeroth’s adventurers.

Set in a bazaar of the mysterious brokers, you’ll face off against dastardly assassins, four-armed broker guards, an infinite pirate dragon, and other enemies as you chase down a wayward broker before she can unleash the might of a stolen artifact to realize her own designs.

This Mythic-only instance features 8 bosses and can reward players with loot coveted by broker society—including a dazzling assortment of weaponry, otherworldly pets, and a mount.

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With a single act of destruction, Sylvanas Windrunner has ripped open the way to the afterlife. Azeroth’s staunchest defenders have been dragged into all-consuming darkness. An ancient force of death threatens to break its bonds and unravel reality.

Hidden realms of wonder and horror await any who would pass to the other side. The Shadowlands is home to an entire realm of the departed; it is a world between worlds whose delicate balance preserves life and death itself. As one of Azeroth’s greatest champions, you have been granted the power to cross over in body and soul. Now you must investigate a conspiracy to unmake the cosmos, and help Warcraft legends journey back… or fulfill their ultimate destiny.

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