WoW Shadowlands – Learn Sylvanas’ Fate in Sanctum of Domination Raid Finale

With the patch 9.1 Chains of Domination now available on the live servers of World of Warcraft Shadowlands, the brave heroes of Azeroth have united the armies of the four Covenants and taken the fight to Jailer’s forces in the depths of the Maw. But one positively burning question is what awaits the one and only Dark Lady of the Forsaken, Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner?

The Sanctum of Domination raid finale cutscene is available now to shed light on the fate of this iconic character. Check out the cinematic above to find out how the future of Shadowlands got changed in the raid.

However, if the raid finale is positively not enough Sylvanas story for you, be sure to check out the new Nendoroid Sylvanas figurine or Christie Golden’s novel dedicated to the story and the journey of High Elven General turned Banshee Queen turned Warchief, arriving in February 2022.

Ranger-General. Banshee Queen. Warchief. Sylvanas Windrunner has borne many titles. To some, she is a hero—to others, a villain. But whether in pursuit of justice, vengeance, or something more, Sylvanas has always sought to control her own destiny.

The power to achieve her goals has never been closer, as Sylvanas works alongside the Jailer to liberate all Azeroth from the prison of fate. Her final task? Secure the fealty of their prisoner—King Anduin Wrynn.

To succeed, Sylvanas will be forced to reflect on the harrowing path that brought her to the Jailer’s side and to reveal her truest self to her greatest rival. Here, Sylvanas’s complete story is laid bare: the breaking of the Windrunner family and her rise to Ranger- General; her own death at the hands of Arthas and her renewed purpose in founding the Forsaken; the moment she first beheld the Maw and understood the true consequences of what lay beyond the veil of death.

But as her moment of victory draws near, Sylvanas Windrunner will make a choice that may ultimately come to define her. A choice that’s hers to make.

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