WoW Shadowlands – Mage Tower Returns in 9.1.5 With Legion Timewalking & New Rewards

WoW Shadowlands - Mage Tower Returns in 9.1.5 With Legion Timewalking & New Rewards

The developers from Blizzard Entertainment shared an update regarding the return of the Mage Tower in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands patch 9.1.5 alongside Legion Timewalking and the rewards both will provide. Check out the official US forums to join the discussion! In Legion, Mage Tower was a specialization-specific solo challenge that provided you with a unique Artifact appearance on completion. When Sargeras was defeated and dealt his final vengeful blow to Azeroth, the Mage Tower was shut, and it has been inaccessible ever since.

In 9.1.5, Legion Timewalking will become available for the first time, and with Timewalking comes a wondrous way to return to the moments of heroism from the past. Azeroth’s champions will be able to enter the Mage Tower again. The original seven different Challenges (grouped by your specialization’s role) will be available to try repeatedly, for the duration of Legion Timewalking.

Each Challenge comprises a series of solo encounters that must be completely survived to earn rewards, and in Legion Timewalking, they will not require that you have an Artifact, or even that you originally played Legion. While the challenges may be familiar, the rewards coming from this iteration of Mage Tower will be new and consist of recolors of Legion class armor. There’s also a new Achievement coming in 9.1.5 for the most well-rounded champions of the Kirin Tor. Players who complete all seven of the Challenges on different characters across their account will be rewarded with a unique flying mount: the Soaring Spelltome!

Druid players will also be able to receive the fel werebear appearance.

Additionally, it seems the previously NPC-only armor and weapon pieces will be available for purchase for Timewarped Badges. Check out Wowhead’s article for details.

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