WRC 8 Reveals Career Mode Details

WRC 8 has just released details on the upcoming rally game’s new career mode. SO, whe did playing video games just turn into a job?

Did you think that the morning drive to the office was just getting too repetitive? Want a bit more adrenaline on your daily drive, then World Rally Championship 8 has you covered. The rally sim won’t actually make getting to the office any easier but the game’s career mode might make your after-work activities a bit more enjoyable. Today, publisher BigBen dropped a trailer for WRC 8’s career mode and there’s a lot to dig into.

Career Ladder

The new career mode in WRC 8 mimics the activities of drivers in a real Rally series. Players who strap in join a WRC team and must progress through each season of the WRC, eventually making it to the very top of the leaderboard. This means plenty of planning and preparation in three key areas.

Planning the calendar to decide which events to do in between rallies: training, manufacturer challenges, rest, classic events, etc.

  • Managing a whole crew comprising six different and interconnected job roles. Players need to understand each team member’s unique characteristics and use them wisely in each rally.
  • Upgrading the crew through R&D and a skill tree, which evolves depending on player choices. Go full RPG by stacking stats or pick wisely for a controlled increase in crew performance and reliability
  • In order to keep things on track, WRC8 provides a full suite of stats at the end of each race, allowing players to focus on the most important aspects of team development, compare their results, and upgrade their car appropriately. It’s all very F1 Manager and adds a lot to the simple goal of winning.

WRC8 is the latest official title to follow the FIA World Rally Championship and isn’t quite the same as you might have sen in DiRT rally. It features a host of new off-road physics, the new career mode, a ton of weather conditions, 52 teams, 14 countries, over 100 special stages, and even an e-sports mode. It races onto  Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC via Steam and the Nintendo Switch in September. You can check out more on the official BigBen website right now.

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