Big News WW1 FPS Tannenberg release date announced!


WW1 FPS Tannenberg created by the same developers as Verdun releases on February 13th 2019. Will be available on steam! Currently, Tannenberg is in Early Access and has some fantastic add-ons. To purchase Early Access or even add to your steam wishlist please visit the game’s Steam page.

Back in 2015, Verdun was the first WW1 FPS to maintain the status of authentic and expanding to the Eastern Front with Tannenberg. Players will be hurled to intense warfare inspired by the iconic fights from the First World War.

To earn and unlock Historically accurate weapons and more players must play through the main game then once they have the guts and gear and only then will they be ready to take on the chaotic and bloodthirsty battlefield with multiplayer trenches.

While each game is standalone they are in fact a link in a series of heavily researched content to bring challenges to the player base while maintaining its authentic WW1 scenarios and gameplay.

Once Tannenberg leaves Early Access an upgraded sound system with new realistic audio effects, Weapons and improvements will be made. Thanks in part to Early Access the developers have been able to gain feedback to better correct every aspect of the game from performance and even map design. AI bot will behave with more realism and the developers are not even done yet! Players can expect more updates in the last few months of Early Access and continue on after its official release.

For more information please visit the official website

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