WWE 2K18 Devs Reveal First Round of Superstars

2K Games is starting a brand new series to officially reveal the superstars coming to WWE 2K18. The company revealed over 40 stars that include some of the sport’s biggest names.

WWE 2K18

Developers made the announcement in a unique way by including WWE’s Renee Young and WWE Raw announcer Corey Graves. You’ll find well-known players including Sin Cara, Boss Man, Big Show, Diesel along with many, many others.

You can get a great look at all of the wrestlers heading to the game in this video:

Players will be able to battle others with up to eight in the ring at once. In addition, Royal Rumble has been remade with new tactics, finishers and elimination abilities. Finally, players will be able to pick up and drag opponents.

If you want to check out the full roster, you can head to the official site.

You can look for the game arriving for PS4, XB1 and Switch on October 17th.

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