WWE 2K19 Review

You wake up in the back of your dad’s old work van, and you wonder why you aren’t sitting pretty in a mansion, or at least a nice house somewhere. Your life decisions seem to have been catching up with you, and you just want to move forward. Your manager knocks on your door and tells you that it’s time to get ready for your match, and you get dressed as fast as possible. This is our WWE 2K19 review.

From Publisher 2K Sports and Developers Yuke’s, and Visual Concepts comes the newest iteration of the WWE series. Including a start from scratch career mode, regular modes of using active superstars, and many more things to explore. Anything you want to do in the WWE games, you can pretty much do. The WWE series of games is a long-running one, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Since 2015 WWE2K games have had a myCareer mode, and this year is no different in terms of the mode itself. If you want realism and immersion into the mode though, then you want to get this year’s version. MyCareer has taken a turn for the better, including voice-overs for your character, added story, and the ability to start your career as an indie wrestler. Starting in a group called BCW with a former WWE wrestler leading it, you will be put on display as Matt Bloom, a head WWE Trainer, is there to scout out your opponent. This is your big shot to try and make it into NXT and start your career on the rise. You have the ability to take it all the way up to WWE Champion if it’s in the cards for you.

Along with the career mode comes a progression system that is in depth, but also a bit confusing at times. You can pick your type of wrestler, which gives you specific starting stats, and then you wrestle to increase your stats. Then you have a skills chart and a sub-skills chart, and a power-up chart. You earn skill points to level up your character and increase their overall rating. You will be tasked with increasing your stats and your overall brand to try and make it into the WWE and become an in-ring superstar. You will do this all in a predetermined storyline, but you will have choices at certain points to make your own mark on the story. This is the immersion set that I like in games. Give me a few choices and let me roll.

Now to some of the other modes like Showcase. This mode lets you take control of Daniel Bryan, and make the moves in some of his most iconic matches throughout his career. The Yes man is waiting for you to help him make it through these matches and become the best wrestler in the WWE. At least from his point of view. Complete match objectives to win the day. It is this type of story mode that you can love when playing a wrestling game, because let’s face it, without this type of thing it is just wrestling and that could get boring for some folks.

Another mode that I want to highlight is the towers mode. This is 2Ks attempt to copy a mechanic of other fighter style games, and it makes you take on challenges level after level in preset match types. The match modes change daily and weekly so get out there and try out everyone that you can. They also offer you VC to spend on things in your other game modes made available in this version of WWE2K.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Xbox One with a code provided by PR.

Overall, this year’s game is one of the better ones that I have played in years. With the inclusion of voice acting for your main character in career mode, to the showcase mode taking one of my favorite wrestlers, Daniel Bryan, and walking through his career, it makes for a really fun and good time. They really worked on making a lot of different modes for people to have a lot of fun with, and it seems to be working, for me at least.
  • myCareer Mode Story
  • Ability to make your own characters
  • Big lineup of wrestlers
  • Some combat glitches
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