Xbox Digital Event Announced as E3 is Cancelled

xbox digital event e3

Microsoft and Xbox have responded to the cancellation of E3, the yearly gameapalooza over in LA, with an Xbox Digital Event/

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox and all round mouthpiece for team green, took to Twitter in the wee hours of my morning to confirm that the coronavirus might have taken out E3 but Xbox still wants to give fans a taste of what is coming in the next year of gaming. In a twitter post, Spencer confirmed that a digital event is in the works and that full details would be incoming at a later date.

That doesn’t leave a whole lot of information for fans to go on and it is likely that Phil has confirmed what we all suspected will be coming out of other big gaming publishers in the new few days. While E3 is a major convention and opportunity for fans to get a look at new titles, it is an even bigger stage for game publishers to get news out the press. The huge press conferences and amphitheaters full of roaring fans have become a staple of the year. The yearly E3 coffee pot and will go unused here at Gamespace.

Sony meanwhile hasn’t announced any solid details about future events after pulling out of E£ earlier this year and rumors of an upcoming Nintendo direct are rife after UK Video Game store GAME inadvertently mentioned a Nintendo Direct on their webpage before pulling the text. With other studios like Ubisoft, Bethesda, and more usually part of the mix we are waiting to see who follows suit and what exactly the details are for these events. However, I’m still waiting to see what Devolver Digital has cooked up this year too. Keep an eye on Gamesapce for more information about the Xbox Digital Event when we get it.



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