Xbox Live Has Left For The Weekend

XBox One X 1

Back Just In Time For Friday

It’s been a couple of hours since the all clear sounded and it appears Microsoft have saved the weekend. After the following post by XBox support, reports of problems have gone mostly silent. And we almost ended up speaking to an actual person today.


Cancel all you promising solo stories, nobody wants single player games. Probably best not to own too many live services right now. It looks like Xbox Live is causing some major headaches  and its all in time for the weekend.

As of earlier today on Feb 1 2019, rumblings started to surface of serious login issues with Xbox Live services. Players trying to get online received a multitude of errors ranging from generic looking log in faults to problems accessing purchased content. This is not a localized incident either. The Xbox status page now indicates issues with signing in, creating, managing, recovering, or searching for accounts, although social media has been awash with a range of issues and confirms that this problem is impacting gamers across the globe. The problems, which might put a bit of a buzzkill on your Friday night, continue to assault a variety of multiplayer games too. Blizzard Customer Service has already updated fans looking to hone their skills before the new Paris map makes it out of PTR might face a few issues.

The official Xbox support Twitter handle has also acknowledged the problem with a series of statements, including the update below.

So, while you might have to wait before the cavalry arrives, you can at least be sure your evening is going to end up free of angry fourteen-year-olds with a virtual grudge. Sorry to the parents out there. If you want to keep on top of the issue you can check the Xbox status page here. And we will update as soon as things settle down.


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