Xbox One X: Project Scorpio pre-orders coming?


Due to some unfortunate leaks, it appears Microsoft may be trying to get ahead of the game with damage control. According to a tweet from The Verge’s Tom Warren, pre-orders will be available this Sunday, August 20th in the U.S. For $499, Information is to be released on Sunday at 3PM est. from the Gamescom convention and on their live channel online. The leak also claims a special Xbox-One “Day One” project Scorpio edition will be limited, but available for initial release orders.

But that’s not all. Rumors aside, the Xbox One X version is not only sporting some hefty hardware and specs. 4K native exclusives include Forza 7 Motorsport, Super Lucky’s Tale, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves and the previously postponed just for this reason, Crackdown 3. Which will you be picking up? And the added ability to run a large catalog of the Xbone games library in native 4K resolution as well, some with HDR capabilities (High-Dynamic Range, a vivid color enhancer and much more).

It seems Microsoft has bandwagon hoppers already, with the likes of its usual suspects Mountain Dew and Doritos. They will be launching a special campaign of green Doritos, limited Mt. Dew and prizes yet to be revealed to celebrate the release of the 4K supercharged “Scorpio”.

Stay tuned for more information and keep hitting refresh on your Electronics Store browser!

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