XBOX Series X Announement Post

It’s the morning after for us in the UK and amidst the other changes, we have a new Xbox to salivate over.

Unveiled at the Game Awards among a bewildering array of reveal trailers, the new Xbox Series X doesn’t seem to look anything like the leaked photos of the PS5 development kit. It is quite reasonable to say that Microsoft is taking the next Xbox design in an entirely different direction. The latest console from Microsoft is something of a tall one, heading up in the world and packing a bunch of components into a stack that seems set to squeeze into the corner of any room it enters. Alongside a matt black finish, the new team green device houses a sizeable ventilation grill on at least one end of the stack so we can assume that there is going to be some serious grunt inside this box.

The reveal at the Game Awards 2020 last night didn’t give us a great deal more information on the upcoming console. We can expect the Xbox Series X console to hit front rooms sometime in late 2020, just in time for next year’s Christmas splurge. Don’t worry, there will also be a bunch of release games for the new Xbox too. The released teaser comes with the news that all of Microsoft’s 15 game studios are developing new titles for this console. The platform doesn’t quite have a price yet and we still don’t have an exact release date, but at least we know that it will stand to attention for you.

Microsoft will be hoping that when the Xbox Series X launches next year that this is better than the Xbox One. I can still remember Ryse Son of Rome hitting home as the epitome of Microsoft’s launch of the last Xbox console. While the One didn’t do so well at launch, the Xbox hasn’t been a bad system by any means and the torrent of cheap S variants in this year’s Black Friday deals means that the system is likely looking at a long life ahead of it. You can keep an eye here at Gamepsace for any more details about the Xbox Series X and the winners from the Game Awards 2020.

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