Xbox Shutdowns Plaguing Esports Users


There’s nothing better than getting your groove on during an NBA2K22 where you are spinning, shooting, and dunking your way to a dominating victory over whoever had the audacity to challenge you. And just as you are about to put another W in the books, the game shuts down and you’re wondering – why? Although it might be more along the lines of, WHY, WHY, WHY?!

Well, if you’ve had this problem recently when using your Xbox console then don’t worry, you’re not alone, misery loves company. In fact, this malfunction has also been reported during other esports games like Madden 22 and FIFA 22 as well. The issue has become so prevalent that the official Xbox Support Twitter account tweeted the following:

“Teams are continuing to investigate reports of consoles powering off or quitting to home while playing NBA 2K22. This investigation also includes similar issues that may be seen while playing Madden 22 and FIFA 22. We’ll update you as soon as we are able.”

Moreover, an ancillary problem could arise if this problem spreads to other platforms and affects the esports tournaments that will be taking place. As many of you are aware, online sports betting on esports has become big business and if this shutdown occurs in the middle of a prize money competition, then there will be serious fallout.

The generic corporate response that Xbox is, “looking into it”, doesn’t seem to be cutting it and isn’t placating the users being affected, as evidenced by those customers continuing to complain. A Reddit user named 3rdamention wrote the following:

“Same thing is happening to me. I filled out a support ticket with 2k. I just got an auto-response basically and it was really disappointing. My Xbox Is about 6 weeks old, bought it brand spanking new straight from Microsoft. I have the Legendary Edition on Disc for the Xbox Series X. I haven’t had my system shut off a single time until I started playing NBA 2k22.

“The game just shuts off when I do anything online that was associated with the Neighborhood. And I am not talking about kicking me back to the dashboard, or back to the game menu. My whole system shuts off. I could create my player fine. I could test him all I wanted without issues. I did this for a couple of days before committing to my player and investing my 100,000 VC I got with the Legendary Edition. I decided to go the G-League route and played those games just fine.

“But as soon as I ventured to the Neighborhood to do any of the “Quests” my game flashes a green screen for about 1-2 seconds and my Xbox Series X just shuts off. My controller just flashes and I have to turn the Xbox on my using the button on the console. My controller will not turn it on.”

Xbox 1

Xbox Update

As for an immediate fix, Xbox Support is suggesting that users send in their consoles for repair. But whether it is the hardware that needs to be fixed, as opposed to a bug in the games

themselves, has not been made clear. And getting a tune-up on your Xbox might just be a delay tactic being used until the true nature of the problem is discovered and permanently fixed.

Apparently, Microsoft is getting the message that this problem is spiraling out of control as a Reddit user named Bballgoat1177 stated, “Hello everybody! Xbox Support has officially reopened this issue and they have acknowledged that it is spanning across multiple games! I know some people have been sending in their consoles, but only about half the people I talked to said this actually solved the problem. Some people sent in their xboxes and when the (sic) got them back nothing changed. When I call Xbox support, they have acknowledged that sending in your console isn’t a guarantee as they don’t completely understand the problem. It’s very possible that a simple software update could fix the problem. I would advise against sending in your console at least until Xbox goes you the go ahead.”

The latest possible solution could be an easy one. According to an EA Sports Community Manager, a former Madden champion had been experiencing similar issues and his tweet was the following:


“for anyone following my Xbox X turning off randomly saga I believe we have a solution:

– plug power supply directly into an outlet

– turn Xbox onto Energy Saving Mode (s/o @BobbyVGaming).

Been a bit w no shut-offs, might be a fluke / might not work for everyone I have no idea”

Whether the fix is as simple as plugging the console directly into a wall unit as opposed to a surge protector (Xbox already has a built-in surge protector which could be the source of the conflict) is anyone’s guess but if you are having problems then you might want to try this fix because right now, it’s all we’ve got.

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