XCom 2 Pavonis Interactive Speaks About Long War 2

XCom 2

XCom 2 has been a resounding success by any measure. Long War 2 is the name of the most recent DLC. The team behind it, Pavonis Interactive, took time out to speak about the project.

XCom 2 Long War 2 & changes to the game

During the course of the interview, John Lumpkin spoke about the DLC and how it brings new things to players. First, Lumpkin spoke about his proudest achievement with Long War 2:

We think we’ve recreated a lot of the “Long War” feel in the XCOM 2 engine, although we tried to peg full campaigns at around 100 to 120 missions, which isn’t quite as many as the original.

As the interview moves on, Lumpkin details changes to the Strategy Layer and how those changes were brought to bear in the DLC. In addition, Lumpkin speaks about Tactical Mission game play, new mission types and what he is most proud of:

  • The AWC/officer perks creating unique soldiers
  • Corpse reanimation by unactivated sectoids
  • Yellow alert and pod job mechanics
  • The coil cannon
  • All the new missions
  • Changes to evac timer and meta around stealthier missions/
  • Controlling Rebels and Civs
  • Defending the Evac
  • The new Arc Thrower

You can read the entire interview over on Steam.


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