XERA: Survival Early Access Robot Rampage

Xera: Survival

XERA: Survival is about to change your preconceptions of New Zealand for good. You’re unlikely to see a single talking tree as indie developers Spotted Kiwi Interactive release the robot uprising on 24 May.

In the end, evolution is inevitable and that is certainly true for XERA: Survival. Today, Spotted Kiwi Interactive announced that they are ready to bring their own twist on survival shooters to Early Access. Landing on PC in just a few days, XERA: Survival is a PvPvE experience that takes place in the near future. The result of an illegal experiment, the XERA Corporation’s combat robot grows beyond its programming and becomes self-aware. After escaping custody, the rebel robot proceeds to replicate at an alarming pace and leaving the world in chaos as nations struggle to maintain a hold on any resource that will sustain them a little longer.

In the midst of power vacumes and combative factions, players in Xera: Survival can venture out into the frontier of modern warfare in search of glory or gold. Across a massive 4x4KM world, soldiers can go it alone, shooting up rivals and looting what’s left. More cooperative mercenaries can team up, focusing on NPC quests, base building, and even testing themselves in massive PvPvE events. No matter the challenge or time of day, you will need to scavenge for food and water, ration your medical supplies and craft the tools needed to just get through the day. Succeed and there is just the XERA combat platform to worry about, seen shooting up the trailer below.

After 5 months of alpha testing, with over 10000 players, Spotted Kiwi Interactive is bringing XERA: Survival to Steam Early Access. PC players can get an early glimpse at our robot overlords for priced at $19.99 (USD), £15.49 (GBP), €16.79 (EUR). You can also find out more on the official website.

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