Yaengard Shared Roadmap For Post-Launch Updates

Yaengard, a turn-based RPG where your personality traits change your powers and proficiencies, just arrived on Steam. But developers from Planeshift Interactive is not happy with idly sitting on their hands and have already shared the game’s roadmap dedicated to the upcoming post-launch content and updates.

Yaengard is inspired by classic TTRPG’s such as Dungeons & Dragons, with the personalities of your adventurers changing everything – from their powers to the available decisions and more. Follow the story of the fall of the Aatanic empire and the unlikely rise of adventurers, with a rich world to discover, colorful characters to meet, and difficult choices to make.

  • The developers have many crazy ideas for encounters that they would love to put into play: more legendary challenges, rare enemies, rare bosses, elites, better shopkeepers, complex skill challenges and more.
  • Yaengard is all about looting and adapting to the drop you’ve gotten. The team loves the idea that you can find an item that CHANGES EVERYTHING, and build your team around that.
  • The game is very deep in strategy, and a new player may struggle where seasoned players triumph. So prepare for the ascension mode, giving new unique challenges to players who already beat the base game. New mechanics, challenges, and limitations in multiple challenge-new-game-+ modes!
  • Physical ranged weapons such as one-handed crossbows are will be making their way to Yaengard. Crossbows will add an entirely new set of abilities, new loot to find, and most excitingly: 6 new classes to the game for you to find ways to break!

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