Yaga “Bad Faith” Update Responds to Community Concern

Breadcrumbs Interactive has announced the release of the “Bad Faith” update for Yaga, its RPG inspired by Slavic mythology. Developers pushed out the patch as a response to community feedback. It includes a number of bug fixes that should address player frustration and some quality of life improvements are thrown in for good measure.

The most notable changes in the game include:

  • The Bad Luck System – players will have more control over when and how Bad Luck strikes.
  • Breakable Weapons – the community has been frustrated when a crafted weapon is randomly destroyed through Bad Luck. As a result, devs have added an option to repair weapons before they are destroyed. In addition, all enhancements are recovered when a weapon breaks.
  • Combat System – enemies now have new weaknesses and abilities to make combat more inspired.
  • Smaller QoL improvements
    • “Ivan moves too slow!” — we added fast travel via flying ovens and Ivan can now Sprint
    • “Exploration is boring” — we added secret treasure caves and dead-end treasures
    • “The game is too easy” — we added Hardcore mode with permadeath
    • “The game is too hard” — we added Story Mode, for a more casual experience
    • “Shame on you! Romanian developers, but no Romanian translation!” — we added Romanian translation
    • “I keep getting lost!” — we added trails of breadcrumbs to guide you on your way
    • “The mini-map it too small” — we added a larger mini-map
    • “This swamp is ugly and slow” — we remade the whole art for the swamp region
    • “I wish I could skip the tutorial” — Wish granted!

The team also gave the community a tiny peek into what they’re working on. “We are now busy making even more content for the game, and we will soon be able to share more with you the story of a peaceful village invaded by rabid creatures, a money-hungry arsonist, and a very clever but trickster fox.”

Check out the full Yaga “Bad Faith” update on the PlayStation site.

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