Sega Releases Yakuza Kiwami Gameplay Trailer

Sega has published a brand new gameplay trailer for upcoming PlayStation 4 title Yakuza Kiwami by Yakuza Studio. The video shows off a variety of fighting styles the protagonist can choose from to knock out his enemies. Players can also check out the city of Kamurocho and a variety of peaceful ways to spend time.

What is Yakuza Kiwami?

The game is the remake of the PS2 title Yakuza, the first in the series. It starts with the protagonist of the game, Kazuma Kiryu, being falsely accused of the murder of his family’s patriarch and being sent to prison. After a decade long imprisonment, he finds the world a much worse place than before. Kiryu was expelled from the yakuza, $100 million goes missing from his clan’s treasury as well as he can not find his sweetheart. However, Kiryu finds orphaned girl Haruka who searches for her aunt. Coincidentally, the aunt shares the same name as Kazuma’s missing love.

From then on the events spiral out in a web of betrayal, politics as well as redemption. However, no matter what, Kiryu can not be stopped.

You can check out the trailer above as well as visit the official site to learn more. The  HD-remake will release as part of the 10th Anniversary of the series on 29th of August.

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