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year of rain

Year of Rain, the team-based real-time strategy from Deadalic Entertainment opens the gates to Closed Beta Testers today and they’ve even upped the number of available spots so you could still be in with a shot.

Beginning today, players who signed up to the Year of Rain beta program should begin to receive keys for the next phase of testing for the upcoming titles. Deadalic has also confirmed that more access will be unlocked over the next few weeks, so there is still plenty of room for new participants. Due to a high level of demand, a bunch of new spots are now open to brand new beta testers, so don’t wait if you’re considering it. Head over to the official website and sign up now.

The Game

If you still need convincing them Year of Regin looks like a treat for RTS fans. Taking the traditional top-down strategy that defines the core genre, Deadalaic has switched things around by mixing up multiple MOBA elements into their scenario. Players who get into Year of Rain’s beta will find a range of hero characters to choose from before each match. Each hero character has their own story personality and house. With this comes a set of individual abilities that make this particular character a lynchpin in combat. Players can fight, flee, and upgrade their hero to make them the center of their army.

The rest of this army, however, must be built, developed, and trained in the formal RTS style. Mixing resource management and combat strategy, Year of Rain has hints of Conan Unconquered’s multiplayer aspect, with a definitely different take on things. Alongside the new beta information, Deadalic also unveiled details of the House of Rupah faction and the first glimpse of four of its hero units. Faction leader ‘Lord Jaidee Rupah’ (only playable in campaign mode) is skillful with his sword and a master of conviction and influence. ‘Paladin Killian Morningview’ is a veteran of many battles, reflected by the scars on both her body and soul. ‘Ranger Morrig Fogvale’ is a northern dwarf and skilled hunter who doesn’t fear death. And ‘Spark Mage Shen the Scarred’ is dedicated to the element of fire, leaving her foes unrecognizable after the battle.

If the unique new take on the RTS model has got you interested, head over to the official website to sign up for the beta now. Year of Rain is due to hit Early Access for PC in 2019.


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