Yet Another Fantasy Title – Check Out the Official Announcement Trailer

Yet Another Fantasy Title - Check Out the Official Announcement Trailer

Atomic Wolf and Games Operators have revealed a parody adventure game titled Yet Another Fantasy Title. The upcoming game pokes fun at the famous fantasy franchises and widespread tropes and promises crazy fun. Among others, you will see a lot of pokes at the Lord of the Rings series, including certain story beats and characters.

You are a rogue in an open fantasy world filled with absurd humor and bard music. Your adventure begins when you steal a unicorn from the Chosen One and, one thing after another, it all leads to you setting out on an epic quest to kill the dragon. Kill filthy orcs, deal with arrogant elves, drink with dwarves, learn spells from hobo-wizards and steal the ring from goblins. All packed in an old-school gameplay style reminiscent of Rustler.

Learn magic from a suspicious wizard who drinks way too many potions. Slay the mighty dragon. Wanna experience some monster-hunting? Or pimp-a-wolf a bit? Maybe steal The Ring from The Gang of The Ring? Easy peasy. Gather your magical homies’ respect and rule the kingdom with their help. Without you, there’s no injustice in the world. Not unless you make it.

Check out the game’s Steam page to learn more.

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