Sandbox Adventure Ylands Is Now On Steam Early Access

Bohemia Interactive has sent out a word that its Sandbox Adventure game Ylands is now officially released on Steam Early Access. Players can dive into the poly-world and unleash their creativity to explore, craft and create anything that fits with their imagination. Ylands offers huge open terrains, lots of gameplay freedom and many opportunities for content creation just like Bohemia’s hardcore titles Arma and DayZ.

The game offers a seamless transition between multiplayer and single-player modes while exploring uncharted ylands, besieging castles, participating in the battles on the sea, car racing and much more. Players will also have access to the Ylands Editor – interactive scripting and thousands of objects to play with that turns the title into a platform where players can create their own games.

Aleš Ulm, the Creative Director of Ylands, says:

You don’t need any special skills or knowledge to become a creator in Ylands – if you have an idea, that one creative spark, you’re all set. We can’t wait to see what players think about our game and hope that together we’ll shape it into something unique

You can purchase Ylands with 20% discount from now until December 11. The core features are already implemented and the developers intend the game to remain in the Early Access stage for roughly 6 to 8 months.

Some features of the game are still in an experimental stage and we would like to gather additional feedback from the community and improve the overall experience before the full release.

The full version of the game will contain NPCs, an additional world to explore, new dynamic music system, improved visual scripting in the editor, as well as numerous fixes and improvements aimed mostly at balancing the singleplayer and multiplayer performance.

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