Yolked Hits Early Access

Eggcelent looking new physics based platform adventure Yolked is about to scramble into Steam Early Access later this month.

If you’ve already beaten I Am Bread and find yourself looking for something equally inventive as a side dish then Yolked is set to hit Steam Early Access on 28 October 2021. This unusual escapade is the work of Hitcents and Hardboiled Studios, putting players in control of an anthropomorphic egg. Given that this edible escapee has arms and legs, that’s not the most unusual thing about this whole debacle. Over the course of Yoked, players are tasked with avoiding all manner of enemies, environmental obstacles, and unfortunate accidents as they try to escape the frying pan.

If you manage to crack this challenge then Yolked will endeavor to lead you through a wave of different environments, challenges, and unforgiving gameplay elements. The team behind this foodie race to escape is promising some frustrating, yet addictive gameplay when it launches, and the announcement trailer seems to suggest that’s going to be true. This off the wall indie speegtacular is also set to hit the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2022, because you might want breakfast on the go by then anyhow. If you’d like to get an idea of what’s in store, from giant chessboards to rec rooms as well as a bunch of collectible costumes, then have a glance at the new trailer above.

If you think you can eggstricate yourself from danger in this chaotic experience and help shape the development of Yolked, then check out more about this release over on the official Steam Store page now.

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