Yooka-Laylee Is Coming To Volta-X

yooka-laylee is coming to volta-x

Yooka-Laylee, the upbeat platformer from Playtonic Games, is about to bring a brand new twist to Volta-X with a newly announced collaboration event.

Yooka and Laylee, a bright green chameleon and a chirpy bat are about to make an appearance in an arena that I didn’t think any of us quite expected. Just revealed by GungHo Online Entertainment, Volta-X is set to get a brand new pair of faces as Playtonic’s tow platforming buddies enter the robot battling arena. This new event will take place sometime soon and will find the two suiting up and joining the Volta-X crew in a brand new story mission. Yooka will even get their very own active ability, called Slurp State, allowing Yooka to take on any environmental effects in a room and imbue the next attacks with that effect.

Something Something Spooky Time

If you can’t wait for the arrival of Yooka and Laylee in Volta-X, then owners of the robot battling adventure can get into a brand new update that is now live. The update adds a whole new set of fixes and features that should improve the quality of the game, including improvements to crew assignments and selection. The Headquarters hub is also set to get a change, allowing players to edit features in the hub.

More explosively, Volta-X now has four new weapons are being thrown into the mix to change up the game:

  • Light Punch delivers a low-damage, fast-cooldown attack that gives players the opportunity to strike over and over again. It can’t target flying objects, but it can overwhelm an opponent with a furious flurry of jabs.
  • Ballista does less damage, but this ancient, long-ranged weapon has an extremely short cooldown.
  • Shotgun sprays opponents with multiple projectiles at once, doing either high damage to one Volta part in close range or less damage to multiple parts from a distance.
  • Chainsaw inflicts damage upon making contact with an opponent’s part and damages the part three more times as it makes a deeper cut.

As if that wasn’t enough, Volta-X is, of course, running Halloween events in the next couple of days to win some cute Kaiju themed costumes for your crew. If you haven’t heard of this utterly adorable robot battler from Gungho, the same team that is behind Ninjala, then head over to the Steam Store page or Nintendo eShop to grab the game for a whopping 50% off between Oct. 29 to Nov. 2.

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