Yoshi’s Crafted World Review

What happens when Mario and Luigi take a day off? Yoshi and his pals go out into their world and get crafty. Traveling through a world made of cardboard and other materials, and using their tongues to catch the enemies. Watch out for that first step when you try to cross the gap with giant balloons. This is our review for Yoshi’s Crafted World.

From Developer Good-Feel and Publisher Nintendo comes the next adventure for Yoshi and his friends in Yoshi’s Crafted World. Bowser is at it again and has stolen gems from Yoshi and his friends, and it is up to them to get the gems back. The game starts with a brief video showing how everything went down and then you get sent into your first world. Each level of the game follows a pretty straight path, even when you have to walk towards the screen or away from it, also going up and down in these areas. This is pretty standard play for all Mario type games when it comes to the platformer versions.


The thing I love about Yoshi’s Crafted World is how everything looks. It is a game that feels like it was made by kids, for kids. Good-Feel has gone to the limit for this game and it shows in the care that they placed in the creation of this game. To begin your game you will choose from one of eight Yoshi colored characters. These fuzzy looking versions take it to the Goombas, and all of the other baddies from the Mario world. Graphically this is one of the more stunning Nintendo Switch games I have played recently. The way all of the characters interact with the world is pretty cool to see. You can run through doors, or go up and down on these Paper Mache lifts to move from level to level. The levels are not overly difficult and even my son has gotten further into the game than I have. I had to pry it away from him to do this review. Needless to say it is fun for all ages.

Combat is pretty easy to understand in Yoshi’s Crafted World as well. You have your normal jump on their head attacks, and you have egg attacks. That’s right egg attacks. There are blocks in the worlds that look like a Yoshi egg, and when you hit them they give you a certain amount of eggs to follow you. You can also use your tongue to eat the Goombas and it turns them into eggs also. Once you have the eggs following behind, you can begin your assault on the rest of the map. There are areas of the levels where you can’t reach so throwing eggs at them helps you to get those hard to reach secret flowers. There are also clouds that can only be destroyed by these eggs that will drop coins and little heart pieces for you as well.

Every part of adult me loves this game as much as the inner kid me loved the Mario Bros series back when I was younger. The ability to play this game by yourself or with a friend, or family member, is great in and of itself. Playing with your son or daughter and watching them light up from the fun that this game presents.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Nintendo Switch with a code provided by PR.

Overall, Yoshi’s Crafted World is hours of fun for you and your whole family. Being able to step into a world with Yoshi as your main character will bring glee to any fans heart. He acts just as you remember from Super Mario World with all new tricks up his sleeve. For $59.99 USD you can own a copy of Yoshi’s Crafted World and you will not regret it.
  • Child-Like but Fun Graphics
  • Easy to learn play system
  • Yoshi at his Finest
  • Not very challenging for more seasoned players
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  1. Having a ton of fun with this, I always tell me daughter that they need to make a Kid and Adult difficulty level for games like this, then life would be perfect 🙂

    • This game is awesome. This is the first game my 4 year old can play on his own. Great game for the whole family and it looks amazing!

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