You Dupe I Wipe: Epic made an imprescriptible announcement of fixing the duplicating glitch

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Whether or not you are a professional exploiter in Fortnite Save The Word, you have to ditch out the road you have already taken for all the time – Epic announced they will forbid people duping again once “they get caught up”, and the glitch has been fixed in the last server release.

Although, considering the fairness for Fortnite gaming and its Term of Services, Duplicating glitch is always “pain in the ass” for some players, it’s testified that more than 80% Fortnite Players in Save The Word involved in exploiting the duplication or duplication transactions with their friends or professional traders are known as one role of the “glitch abusers”. “Millions of player had exploited that” said by one member of viewers to trace the sources.

This kind of “ditch-digging” caused another critical concern for players, induced by the same Fortnite announcement on the other day, which edited with only “i.e. banned”a few hours later, triggered the outbreak of getting-banned phobia among the take-advantage-of-ditch Fortnite players. The Ditch form of Epic official site has become a pleading-guilty and praying church, a confessional as well.

“Some guy traded me 200 mal if he duped it and I didn’t know could I get banned. I say this as an example because I trade for mats frequently and how do I know if the mats I’m getting are legit or not. I just don’t want to be banned”

“I tried the duplication a few times now I’m aware of the danger and I apologize for it I have been telling my friends to stop it I don’t wanna get banned”

“it troubles me because I traded for 1 moon glow and 1 rainbow Crystal and the guy had like 200 of each I know he was duped but I don’t know if I should throw it out I traded half my inventory and now I might get banned for it I really don’t know what to do!”

“I was given Rainbow Crystal from a friend. However, I feel like they duped it. They gave me a few rare things, like bright core, malachite, but they were in Canney, so I thought nothing of it. I just really hope I don’t get banned or wiped for something I didn’t do. Even after spending so much money on this game.”…

It was literally more than 50 comments of “I did” and “please not” kind of repentance on the forum and not including the rumour spread by the same group of people saying “so many duping friends and traders’ accounts got banned already” or “dupe now will get immediately banned and your inventory will be wiped all out”. Although there is no evidence at all to indicate any of the rumor was testified, Epic, for now, have no further statement published to vindicate any sides of the story or its former Reddit headline”a very sly way of saying they’ve been banned”

Some viewers on the official site forum, with high confidence for Fortnite business plan and ultra condolence for the group of terrified Bugs Bunnies, they revealed the comprehensive accountants suspension and inventory confiscation only caused billions of bucks of profit loss and near-future lawsuit from resentful consumers – They all spent at least hundreds of dollars for the upgraded packs and in-game gears – it cannot be sorted out easily by “violating the TOS” regarding their duplication experiences in the game. Glitch won’t kill the game in the end, massive refunds, on the other hand, is totally capable of choking him to death.

The viewer was stuck in a confusion debate at a certain point. It is about the “banned” – which was connected possibly with the two different objects – “players”(and their accounts) or “crashes”. IS EPIC GONNA BAN THE DUPLICATION PLAYERS OR THE MAJOR CRASHES? Without the narrative’s testimony, people had to make their own guess, dividing into two different parties rapidly.

The first group stands tight for the “players” side. For most “ditch abusers” interest, legitimacy and universality are the trump card they called for defending their rights and interests, While a group of views stands against their”delusion ideas” and”retarded points”. There are some amusing and tough accusations they made upon the forum:

“Omg u guys are a bunch of babies I been playing the game since release an i dont even care bout the glitch its just a game who cares this only affects people who sell stuff its a game that still in a beta exploits get fixed all the time if they ban or wipe people they lose a lot of money they have to look at it at a finacial level too not just cause some cry baby players are complaining an mad they have made the game 100 times easier since release just like clash of clans, for example, they are constantly updating the game to make it easier to progress to help new players the old players get mad but it blows over just like every other situation in a game ITS JUST A GAME its not ur life suck it up n stop complaining who cares if a level 10 has 40 stacks of sunbeam he cant do anything with it so why do u care if u like grinding the legit then go ahead but not everyone plays the game like u not saying I support this bug it obviously needs to get fixed but at the end of the day its just a **** game stop crying about it bunch of u bout to rat out people an for what epic isnt gonna give u anything for it fortnite is more than a game to epic its business an banning a wiping a possible million plus players who probably have done the glitch is bad for business they havent gave an official statement about it but they know about it n im sure they have a plan so just shut up an let them deal with it stop crying snitching a complaining bout something that has little impact on ur life”

The debate might go the wrong way- turning into a name-calling competition. They resolutely called the concerned players “crying babies” and “little rats” – for “snitching a complaint about something that has little impact on your life”.

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