You Should Check Out Divinity 2: Developer’s Cut

Everyone has heard of Larian’s upcoming cRPG Baldur’s Gate 3 and the studio’s previous work Divinity: Original Sin. However, not everyone has scoured the skies of Rivellon in a shape of a giant fire-breathing dragon! Before Bishop Alexander, misguided son of Lucian, there was Damian the Damned, the even more misguided son of Lucian! Before Godwoken, there were Dragon Knights. Before Source Hunters and Magisters, there were Dragon Hunters. Before the Original Sin, there was Ego Draconis.

Sequel to Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity, Divinity 2: Ego Draconis follows the journey of a fledgling Dragon Hunter who runs into the last of Dragon Knights by the will of fate – or so it seems. Following a short but dramatic encounter, it is up to you to inherit the dragon powers, spread your wings and take to the skies to save Rivellon from Damian.

The game is available on Steam as Divinity 2: Developer’s Cut also featuring the Flames of Vengeance DLC that takes place after the end of the main game.

Divinity 2 allows you to create a unique Dragon-Hunter-Turned-Dragon: in addition to choosing the gender and appearance of your character, you will get in-depth ability customization. Do you want to be a two-handed sword master? You can! Are you more of a double-wielding person? It’s in! Magic? Yep! Archery? Not as good as melee but still there.

If your goal is to be double-jumping mind-reading fireball-throwing dual-wielding dragon machine of destruction with an undead follower to keep you company and rip your enemies to shreds, you can achieve all that and more, provided you can get enough levels to unlock the respective abilities and gold to train and upgrade equipment for both your humanoid and draconic forms.

You can even get your own castle, complete with servants, vendors and more.

Like many classic RPGs the likes of Fable 2 or Gothic, Divinity 2: Developer’s Cut is not exactly hard. It is more of a rough around the edges/lacking the modern quality of life/somewhat tedious at times situation.

Despite being a double-jumping mind-reading fireball-throwing dual-wielding dragon machine of destruction (with or without an undead minion), you can still get clubbed to death by a horde of goblins few levels below you if you are not careful enough.

Chances are your bars are going to be filled with healing/mana restoring spells as well as food and drink in an amount far greater than your actual active abilities. Quickly opening inventory and stuffing a watermelon down the gullet mid-fight Skyrim style is also the reality for your newbie Dragon Knight.

In addition to the usual RPG-like gameplay canvas consisting of traveling, fighting and talking, Divinity 2: Developer’s Cut will make sure to put you through your paces with puzzles, mazes, precision jumps and more.

Divinity 2 is also one of the few games that actually had me staring in shock at the screen after the ending. The game’s DLC – Flames of Vengeance – allows you to revisit Rivellon after the events of the main game and witness the consequences of your choices.

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