You Suck At Parking Is Ready To Fail You Next Year

Get ready to fail all over again as You Suck at parking 3 point turns onto PCs, via Steam, next year.

Set to reverse over the laws of physics and trash your perfect pass, You Suck At Parking is a brand new physics-based game that might possibly put you off parking for life. Due to arrive on PC, via steam, next year, the upcoming motorised physics sim is the brainchild of Happy Volcano. This Belgian indie studio, who is also responsible for The Almost Gone, just announced their latest project and while it may seem no more enthralling than a surgery sim or a spider catching adventure, you’d be surprised how fun simple tasks made silly really can become.

With hypersensitive physics, You Suck At Parking will challenge players to park a car across a range of pre-set levels and custom maps, made with the game’s onboard map editor. This isn’t any old Wallmart car park, however. Drivers will have to overcome other cars, unexpected jumps, loop-the-loops, a timer, and a sticky-out back end.

Whether you are teleporting across a pre-built map or sharing your own invention with friends, You Suck At Parking looks like the sort of silly fun that games like Fall Guys and Overcooked successfully play on regularly. Anybody interested in driving headlong into this challenge can sign up as an alpha tester over on the official You Suck At Parking website now. The rest of us will have to go do the real thing, or maybe just tackle flying first, while we wait for the full release next year. For now, head over to the official website for more information or check out the trailer above.

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