Your First Rig: Gaming PC Building Guide

PC Building Guide

Video games are immensely popular these days. They let you do anything you might not be able to do in your real life. A video game is an alternate virtual reality where you are in control of everything that happens. Gaming requires focus and concentration. You get so involved in a video game that you forget all the stress of your daily life for a while. Moreover, gaming improves your problem-solving skills and gives your brain a mental workout. It speeds up your thought process and you learn to respond faster.

The best way to enjoy video games is on a PC. One problem with that is a state-of-the-art Gaming PC can be quite expensive. It might be cheaper to build one rather than buying one. Building a PC is not very difficult. It can be a fun little project for you, like restoring a vintage car, but in lesser time and faster results. You will be able to customize your PC to cater to all your gaming needs. Here are a few things you need to build a quintessential gaming rig.


A CPU or Central Processing Unit is commonly referred to as the ‘brain’ of a computer. This is what executes the instructions you input and tell all other parts what to do, when to do and how to do everything. A CPU is perhaps the most important element of a computer; without it there is no computer. There are a variety of options out there when it comes to a CPU despite having only two primary manufacturers. Do not be bewildered by the number of options in the market. You need an advanced 8th or 9th gen system, preferably core i7 to ensure a smooth and fast performance.


This is a circuit board that connects the principal components of your computer. It enables smooth communication between all the other hardware on your PC. You will need to pick out a motherboard that has the right CPU socket and an adequate number of memory slots and ports. Think about what features your PC requires and choose the motherboard accordingly.

Video Card

This is the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that will make or break your gaming experience. Graphics is basically what determines how a video game looks to you. Even if your CPU comes with integrated graphics, a GPU will give you the graphics that will make your video games look awesome. The GPU is one of the components you should buy without thinking of the price.


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Random Access Memory or RAM is your computer’s short-term data storage that stocks the information that your computer is currently using to be retrieved as quickly as possible. The more RAM there is, the faster your PC will work.


This is where long-term data is stored. All the pictures, videos, games, everything on your computer is stored here. You can choose between a hard-disk drive or a solid-state drive, whatever suits your budget and needs.


A Power Supply Unit supplies the power that allows the computer to operate. You need a sturdy PSU with the right amount of wattage in accordance with the rest of your hardware.


Your case is where you put the CPU, GPU, Motherboard, etc. This is basically the body that contains all the other organs of the computer. There are no specifications you need to look out for, any solid case will be alright.


An advanced gaming rig needs a high-end keyboard. This is what you use to input all your instructions for the CPU. It may feel like any cheap keyboard will be just fine. However, with the modern-age technology, there are keyboards with different features that you can fully utilize. Do you want a conventional wired keyboard, the one with macro keys and no wires, or you’d like to have better options on the market with scissor-switch technology that allows for quiet typing? Think of what features you need and which type will suit you best.


This is where you see everything that you are doing. Your PC is useless without a monitor. Your expensive GPU is pointless if your screen has a low resolution. For the supreme gaming rig, consider going for a high resolution of at least 2540×1440.

Operating System

An OS enables communication between you and your computer. You need to install it on your storage device and then you can start downloading all of your games and programs. The most popular and perhaps the most efficient OS today is Microsoft Windows. Its simple user interface makes it the best option for a gaming PC.

Technology has done wonders when it comes to video games. There are several options for you to play a video game on. From PlayStations to Nintendo switches, from Xbox to your mobile phone, video games can be played anywhere. None of these, however, get you the perfect gaming experience. A well-built Gaming PC is the only way to have the ultimate gaming experience.

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