Youtubers Life Uploads New DLC Trailer

Youtubers Life, the simulation game that promises to make you the next big thing has unveiled a brand new DLC.

The latest add on to Youtubers Life was announced on Friday by developers Raiser Games and Uplay games on Friday. The new Fashion Channel DLC comes in at no cost to existing players and opens up a whole new genre of content for anybody looking to expand beyond the realms of E-Sports. From catwalk turns to tailored outfits, the new aspects of this DLC are available now and should open up the game to a new audience.

Beginning the climb to internet stardom in 2016, this fame simulator promises to provide a deep dive into the murky online world of online stardom. As part of the growing content creation scene, this title puts players in the place of a small-time streamer looking to make it big. Starting out from your parent’s bedroom, you are able to grab fans and create the videos that will make you a star. Record gameplays, reviews, speed runs, walkthroughs, eat unsavory objects and upload your escapades to eventually make it to the coolest parties. Youtubers Life is one for the Sims fans who want something a little different.

The Fashion DLC adds even more variety to this experience including:

  • Buy and design your own outfits: you will have to combine different styles and colors, always keeping in mind how they suit the time of the year!
  • Tailor every aspect of your personal life: you can design new outfits, experiment with makeup styles and even get creative with your own haircuts!
  • Create fashion videos: once you tailor your first outfits you will be able to record a variety of videos about them. Start getting those totally deserved subscribers!
  • Attend fashion events to become a celebrity – but be careful, because you need to dress properly if you want to make it to that fashion magazine cover!
  • Become the next top model: Pick the best outfit and share the runway with the world’s top models!!

Youtubers Life owners can get this free content across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch now for absolutely nothing. Check out the trailer featuring some massive fashion names form across Germany, Spain, NA, and the UK. Notable inclusions include Fixx, Perxitaa, Willyrex, Fargan, Kwebbelkop, LegitGamingGR, and Mess Yourself. For a glimpse of the action or head over to the official website for more details.


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