Yu Huang to Join the SMITE Pantheon on April 19th

Hi-Rez Studios has announced that a new free-to-play god will be ascending to the highest echelons of the SMITE pantheon starting April 19, 2022. Yu Huang is the first mage hero added to the game in over a year and the first Chinese god to enter the fray in over two years. To celebrate his fiery arrival, developers sent out a brief teaser trailer ahead of his full reveal during the SMITE Update Show on April 13th. The show will kick off on Wednesday at 12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern on the Hi-Rez Twitch channel.

In the Chinese pantheon, Yu Huang is the famed vanquisher of the greatest demon king there ever was. In the aftermath of that mythical battle, he ascended to his throne and to divinity, thus becoming the Jade Emperor. Yu Huang’s reign is one of wisdom and enlightenment – and it is about to begin in SMITE.

As for how Yu Huang performs in-game, developers have teased a bit of his action. He is the master of a pearl dragon that he can summon to fight by his side. His prowess with his Dao after several millennia of fine-tuning its use means that he can use it as another source of incredible power.

Check out the SMITE official site to learn more and be sure to tune into the official reveal mentioned above.

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