ZHEROS Launches on PlayStation 4, DLC for All Platform Does Too


ZHEROS has officially launched for PlayStation 4 as of today. This brings it together with XBox One and PC. There’s also more for all platforms in the form of a brand new DLC pack called “The Forgotten Land”.

ZHEROS and The Forgotten Land

The aim of the game is to take out an evil doctor named Vendetta. He, of course, wants to take over the galaxy as well as turn everyone into his minions of EEEEVVVIIILLL! The more powerful players become in this “quirky” game, the better the fights become. Wiping the floor with Vendetta’s evil robot army is the goal.

The Forgotten Land adds to the zany with lots of new content for players including:

  • a new playable character
  • eight new levels across different types of locations
  • a new vehicle
  • new moves to provide more ways to lay the smack down
  • new monsters that are out to stop  your goody goody ways

The base game itself will set you back $9.99 with The Forgotten Land coming in at $4.99.

You can learn more on the game’s official site.

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