Zombie Army 4: Dead War Shuffles Out Onto PC and Console

The Outbreak has all gone a bit wrong. Zombie Army 4 has broken out onto PC, Xbox One, and Paytaiotn 4.

The brand new installment in the Zombie Army series hit shelves today. Coming from Rebellion, the developers behind Sniper Elite 4, this shooter returns to Europe and the carnage that ravages the front lines of a war gone wrong. Putting players back in the fight after the previous Zombie Army title, this game mixes the skill and precision of the Sniper Elite Franchise with the hordes of hell as you take on zombies, kill cams, and shark booby traps.

While players who are familiar with the Zombie Army series might have banished Hitler and his inhuman legions back in the last installment of this game, things aren’t that clean. The Dead War rages on across Europe as the dead run amok without the hand of the Nazi regime to direct them. The job of this game’s hero is to get in, aim for the head, and don’t become lunch for a carnivorous cohort of ex-soldiers.

Zombie Army 4 features the same highly polished stealth shooter action that features in so many of Rebellion’s titles allowing players to feel the recoil of a shot as they release it from the chamber. This isn’t a fire and forget sort of scenario either. Kill cams allow gamers to experience the gratuitous result of their trigger finger. There are plenty of ways to get gooey in Zombie Army, allowing players to level up and tally up points by exploding enemies, hitting specific targets, of feeding enemies to sharks. It isn’t just enemies that can fall victim to shark traps, solo and co-op play means that friends can be food after all with the game’s friendly fire.

You’ll go up against a horde of different challenges from cannon fodder shufflers to commanders who can resurrect their fallen underlings. There are even mechanized APC abominations that might try to eat allied soldiers alive in this title. Zombie Army 4 is out now. You can dig it up on the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, and Epic Game store. Find out more on the official website or check out the trailer above for more on this bloody marvelous release and carrion making headshots.



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