Zombie Army Trilogy Invades Nintendo Switch This March

Zombie Army Trilogy, an undead abomination spawned form the Sniper Elite Series, is coming to Nintendo Switch and it arrives on 31 March.

Developed by Uk Studio Rebellion, the Zombie Army Trilogy has already managed to feast pon success on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Now the series leaves the corpses of these homes consoles for dust as it breaks out among the population on Nintendo’s mobile console. Players picking up this cult hit will travel back to 1945 in an alternative western front as Hilter’s own Zombie Army chews through the best that the allied forces can throw at it.

While busy feeding the war effort, players can expect to come across plenty of visceral action. While Snipe Elite and Zombie Army remain a set of sniper games at their core the Zombie Army series revels in the grotesquely beautiful end that enemies find during battle. Snipers taking to the streets of Berlin will use sniper rifles, machine guns and shotguns to tear through the hordes of undead that threaten civilizations. The demon dictator himself even awaits your steely gaze.

Added Extras

The Nintendo Switch release of Zombie Army Trilogy contains everything that you would expect from the series. Players can take on 3 intense story campaigns and try to survive Horde Mode, all available either in singleplayer or in drop-in, drop-out co-op for up to 4 players. The newest version of the game comes with its own new additions too. Soldiers can fight for survival over wireless co-op utilizing motion controls, Pro Controller and HD Rumble support.

Of course, there is one thing that really makes us want this game when Zombie Army Trilogy invades the Nintendo eShop. Since the very first Zombie Army Trilogy hit the PC back in 2013 I still haven’t grown sick of that bloody glorious X-ray Kill cam. If you’ve never played the Zombie Army games or just want to compare combat between consoles, head to the trailer above to prepare for battle.


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