Day of Infamy Brings Us Back to the Heyday of the WWII Shooter

A glorious return to the era that started the shooter rise to dominance.
Day of Infamy

Day of Infamy is a WWII shooter that takes you directly into the era and allows for multiple campaign and multiple PvP options. It has been a long time since a solid WWII shooter has hit the market and in its early access, Day of Infamy is shaping up to be great fun for shooter and WWII history fans alike. After jumping in for a few rounds with my squad and trying to capture some objectives, it was clear that gameplay is fast-paced, but also shows the variety of weapons and tactics that were used in heavy warfare of the time period.

Day of Infamy

The character combinations stand out right away for Day of Infamy. You can be an officer, radio tech, assault soldier, rifleman, sniper, engineer, and a few others. Each option gives you access to a variety of weapons. The smaller machine guns for assault, the longer rifle for distance. Of all the weapons, we used, the heavy machine gun was the hardest. They gave in the realistic feel of controlling the heavy firepower which was very tricky in a tight fight. However, they make it clear that the heavy machine guns are more for suppressing fire against the enemy.

Squadron gameplay in a WWII Shooter

Squads move and think together. I was playing with all NPCs in a complicated AI and was surprised at how well they reacted to each other. NPC on your side would call for help and encourage you to join in the fire fights. If you were killed you came back as a different member of the squad, but that is in PvE. I found the flame thrower to be so much fun, but you are at huge risk. If your tank is shot, you explode. The assault machine guns were fun too, you had to move fast across the map and really get in close to engage in combat. It was great shooting and fighting around hallways and corners.

The environmental effects of warfare play a lot into the game. Smoke makes you blind and you cough a lot. Bombs or grenades can impact your hearing. It adds a lot of realty to the battles as you run around the map. A feature that I found useful was going into spectator mode and looking down on the map as the battle commenced. It was great to get a sense of how the soldiers fought and where they were stationed. It also gave you the full scope of bombs and smoke effects across the areas. I found that doing this in the beginning before I played really helped a lot when I had to jump into combat.

Day of Infamy Early Access Gameplay

The PVP is where it shines

Day of Infamy really shines in its multiplayer battles though. Multiplayer servers are set up right now for 32 players. You’ll jump into a game and run through trenches, bunkers, and towns fighting your way to different objectives. Playing with a full squad is great fun and really brings out fantastic strategies that are part of Infamy. I ran through this scenario as a flame thrower and worked with my squad on voice to stick together and plan our attacks.

Day of Infamy may look like a standard shooter on the surface, but has a ton of depth and brings about the classic battles of World War 2 in solid detail. The game is only in beta, but all of the multiplayer servers were full. The game play is very solid which sets the foundation for everything to come next. As the development team brings polish, more maps, and more weapon options. Day of Infamy will just be adding more layers to an already deep shooter which will make the battles even better.

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