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Fire Emblem Heroes has dozens of interesting characters to choose from and this has its good and bad side. On one hand, the options are unlimited when you try to build your 4 characters squad and on the other hand it is very difficult to choose which ones to include because they are all amazing. You could possibly stick to the characters that you personally like but this is not the best way to play a successful game. In this article we will talk about the best hero characters and what makes each one special.


Tharja is just one of the characters that you want to have on your Fire Emblem crew every time you play the game. There is something captivating about this girl that makes you also want to include her in your squad when you roll up at the club. We think that this is one of the girls that Hall & Oates wrote songs about. She will use her magic abilities to grant bonus damage when she is at her low HP. This girl is captivating and will make your crew special in its own way.

tharja best fire emblem heroes characters


Who doesn’t want to include a guy who slays his enemies while wearing a cooking pot on his head as an armour? There is something lovable about Donnel that everybody loves. He’s got a homey feeling to him that makes him adorable and makes you feel comfortable to have him around on the team. Donnel is your buddy and your friend and will have your back covered. His game stats are cool too, so you will get to enjoy his strong powers that are just so satisfying to have around. He is an all-time favorite and we just love having on board.

donnel best fire emblem heroes characters


Although Leo is a little bit too proud for some people, nobody can argue that having him on the team is definitely a plus. The mighty warrior will add a special bonus to your team’s power because he is a mounted cavalry and can attack at range. This means that he is able to move 3 spaces in just one turn, leaving your enemies in a very bad state. Most of the time Leo’s attack range will be 75% of the map or even more and he can inflect damage to multiple enemies outside of combat in an area of effect manner.

leo best fire emblem heroes characters


With exceptional attack stats, Ryoma makes it through the roof with his wonderful attacking skills and his hedgehog like demeanor. All his special abilities aim to increase his damage effect, making him one of the best members to have around on your crew. Moreover, he can counterattack from a distance putting your enemies in a real bad position once they encounter him. Unless your enemies can come up with a plan to attack and terminate him in one blow and from a distance, this mighty spiked hair warrior will just keep on wiping your enemies off.

ryoma best fire emblem heroes characters


Takumi is hands down the best character on Fire Emblem whether everybody likes it or not. Despite the weird haircut that reminds us of a troll or a pineapple, his attack skills are nowhere to be matched. He can move fast and attack super deadly that everybody is just dying to have him on their teams. Just like nuclear arms, everybody in the game is trying to use Takumi on their enemy before their enemy uses him on them. If you don’t have him on your team, you need to think twice. Having him on your crew might be your only way to eliminate your enemies.

takumi fire emblem heroes

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  1. My core team usually consists of a 5* Klein, Olwen, Priscilla, my 4th Slot rotates a bit but I like using Frederick with this core but he is only a 4* atm. I do have 5* Effie and Jaffar, I like them too, Jaffar combos well with Klein and Olwen I think but it leaves me squishy. I really need a strong red hero, I don’t really have one though. I also have no dancer yet.

    • I wish Roy and Marth were just better. 🙂 But that’s because I love those dudes. 😀

      • I would mind a Olivia or Lucina, I don’t think Marth is all that bad, he is a pain when I was trying to make a Dragon comp. I couldn’t get a Tiki young or a Ninian, But I had 4* Nowi, Tiki Adult and Female Corrin used it for quite awhile I got some lucky 5* and switched my comp up. I really wanna try the dragon thing again though, I like my dragons.

        Also noticed not getting orbs anymore for daily login.. ouch.

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