Putting Your Money Where Your Mouse is: Five Reasons to Play Online Slots

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Las Vegas, Nevada: the city that never sleeps. Though also known for its extravagant shows and dazzling venues, the crown jewel of Sin City is undoubtedly its casinos. The siren call of slot machines was once only accessible by traveling to the city itself. Then came the Information Age. In an era of modern technology, everyone carries Las Vegas in their laptop cases and back pockets, available at a moment’s notice. And why not indulge in these conveyable casinos? Here are five reasons to play online slots.

1. Convenience

Depending on where you live, simply getting to Vegas can be a trek. There are plane or bus tickets to buy. You have to plan when you can take vacation leave. Between all these logistics and any necessary spending money you’d need once in the city itself (which is around $200 a day!), traveling may not be the best immediate option.

However, online slots provide a secondary, more convenient option. You can simply grab your phone or boot up your computer and find yourself transported to the razzle-dazzle of Las Vegas… from the comfort of your home. Plus, no lines.

2. New players

For anyone who has never been to a casino but wants to, the first few steps into the gambling world can be equal parts exciting and intimidating. Hitting up the slots means lines: waiting in line, having people wait in line behind you. And at physical casinos, there are always other players about to watch both when you do well and when you do poorly. A new player might prefer easing their way into the water instead of taking a plunge. With online slots, you can take things are your own pace, without worrying about what everyone around you is thinking.


3. Money

Like physical slot machines, online slots have real potential to turn a little money into a lot of money. Most online options come with real money slots, meaning there are stakes in the decisions you make. That not only makes the games more exciting, but it means they come with a payoff. Moreover, because the money isn’t physically being handled, the casino can always match a player’s bet. And winning Big Time becomes a lot less stressful than at an offline slot machine. Offline, everyone in the casino sees you win, from players to pickpockets. There is still a journey to be made from the machines to the bank, one with several thousand dollars weighing heavy in a pocket. Online slot machines annul that by having online transactions account for any earnings, meaning it is not only more convenient than having to deposit the money yourself, but it is safer.


4. Online extras

While online slots are designed as virtual copies of the original, they also come with extras, made accessible through technology. Bonuses, used by online casinos, are cash incentives, money that can be made simply playing the game rather than winning. This is appealing to a first-time player (who will benefit from seeing themselves play the slots successfully) and veterans (because who doesn’t like winning?). And the effects of these incentives are real and appreciable. The Mirror reports there have been online slots players who have made upwards of $1,500 using only in-app credit, having spent not even a penny. Bonuses reduce risk in the risk-to-reward ratio, meaning you can play online slots without having to take things too seriously.


5. Entertainment value

Online slots are fun. Simple as that. In the past decade, the online casino market has flourished, and rightly so. It is a reflection of its successful format. Online slots are enjoyable to play, and easy to find. You can play them on the bus as you commute to work, or while waiting for a dentist appointment to begin. They fill time that is otherwise dull, and are fun in and of themselves. And, because online casinos operate in virtual space, they have infinite space to continually add new games and alternate ways of playing.


You can play classic slots, styled in the traditional Vegas decor, or you can find an online machine that is decorated like a vintage video game, or your favorite movie.

The world is ever-growing and one of the primary sources of that is technology. Modern technology means we can do things we couldn’t have fathomed just a few decades ago. It means we can experience things we otherwise would not have had access to. Online slot machines are a perfect example of this. They allow anyone, regardless of location or availability, to enjoy and indulge in the wonders of Las Vegas.

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