The Best Final Fantasy Spinoff Games

There are SO many to choose from...
best final fantasy spinoff games

Final Fantasy is one of the staples of the role play gaming world with its soundtrack and amazing challenges. And the fans don’t just love the game but also the amazing spinoffs that allow for the exploration of new worlds and story lines. From anime series to feature films and songs, the story line of the original game represents a rich inspiration to many. In this article we talk about the best Final Fantasy spinoff games.

  1. Final Fantasy: Type-0:

best final fantasy spinoff games

Although this spin off wasn’t a huge success at the beginning, disappointing the fans of the original game upon its initial launch on PSP, the new HD release showed that this spin off with its weird side story is not that bad after all. It involves more action events than the original game and takes place in the same magical universe, making more sense to the dedicated fans. It was mainly about a group of students who had to go through a series of secret missions instead of one large quest. It did try to incorporate a multimedia player experience and while we think that it didn’t do a very good job at it, we still think that this game is still interesting and we hope to see more of these Type games later.

  1. Final Fantasy: AirBorne Brigade:

This game is all about social interaction between Final Fantasy authentic spirit and multiplayer experience. There were jobs that you could take and you also had the opportunity to advance when you take one like being a Fighter, White Monk or Black Monk. But although the game had all what a dedicated Final Fantasy fan would expect, it lacked a lot of the amazing features that would make up for the wonderful experience. For instance, this is one of the few games that lacked a captivating sound track that would take you all through the game and set the mood.

  1. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years:

best final fantasy spinoff games

Sequel fans would have loved this game. The After Years take place after the time of Final Fantasy IV events; the name pretty says it all. The main characters are the children of the characters of the original game. It is interesting to see what happened after the events of the original game with characters like the son of Cecil and Rosa but we just felt that there was something weird about the character’s development related to the different games episodes.

  1. Final Fantasy: Record Keeper:

There is nothing better than having your favorite game as a mobile game and this is why we just loved the Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Basically you get to enjoy the entire timeline of Final Fantasy. This means that you can play through different events, eras and storylines. This also enables you to meet different characters from the whole series for an interesting and satisfying experience for the Final Fantasy lovers. This game is very appealing but you will get to experience some of your favorite old game moments again in a new captivating setting.

  1. Final Fantasy Tactics:

best final fantasy spinoff games

The best thing about Final Fantasy as a role playing game is the tactics that make the story line and episodes so special and enchanting and this is one of the main reasons this spin off is actually great. It is all about the game tactics, decision making and unbelievable challenge that show off the real nature and spirit of this wonderful game. Because Final Fantasy fans can never get enough of the amazing challenges, this spin off holds a special place as tribute to what makes this great game one of its kind.


  1. Final Fantasy Tactics is my favorite FF game ever made. I really wish we get a true sequel to this game someday. I would even settle for a mobile game (paid game, not another F2P game). Maybe make it a prequel or something.

    • Ditto. They seem to be going the right direction with the games again, but they also seem to be focused on action combat, so I worry we’ll not see Tactics for a while. Maybe the Switch?

      • Switch and Android/iOS would be the best bet imo. Strategy and RPG games on mobile work really well with the touch screen. So I wouldn’t mind.

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