The Best (Not So) Secret Locations in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Very minor spoilers ahead!
here are some pointers that will point out which locations are worth exploring. These are the best (not so) Secret Locations in Breath of the Wild.

Zelda: The Breath of the Wild is one of the best games to play in 2017, and possibly of all time. In terms of progression, graphics, and storytelling we think that the game deserves 10/10. Because it is an open world game, you will have to find everything yourself where the possibilities will become unlimited. But this can take hours if you keep on roaming around the open world; instead, here are some pointers that will ferret out which locations are worth exploring. These are the best (not so) Secret Locations in Breath of the Wild.

  1. Akkala Ancient Tech Lab:

This is located in the North East of the map, just to the right of Deep Akkala. The best thing about this site is that there is a group of crazy scientists who can offer you with the best weapons that were harvested from the Guardians. You will probably need a special mix of tools and screws to get everything but even with the smallest missions, you will be able to create a Guardian shield which will definitely come in handy as you progress through the game. In addition to that, you will get Guardian swords and arrows that will send your enemies to a black hole.

  1. Eventide Island:

This island is located to the most southeast of the map and you will need a lot of stamina upgrades to be able to reach it. Once you reach the island you will be immediately stripped of your weapons and challenged by the king of the island who will challenge you to place 3 orbs in three different places before the Shrine is revealed. After that you will get all your gear back. Being without your gear will put you in a position to think about the best way possible to find your way out.

  1. Forgotten Temple:

Because you need the amazingly ancient component, the Forgotten Temple would be the best place to go. The place is packed with Guardians who will provide you with the right tools you need for your ancient weapons. All 12 of them are staying in one small area and can eliminate you in a second if you are not careful. But you can use a Guardian shield or your brains by hiding at the time. It might be very hard to stay alive on location but if you do, it will be one of the best places to be on the game.

Zelda 3

  1. Typhlo Ruins:

These ruins are always covered in darkness and are located to the north of Lost Woods. At the beginning, you are given a few tools that will help you guide your way through the darkness but if you run out of them, it will be very difficult to go through that total darkness. Once you are close to the Sheikah Orb you will find your way through. But you must be very careful for in the darkness you will encounter a lot of enemies and hidden animals.

  1. The Lost Woods:

It is possible to win the game without ever knowing the place of the Master Sword but it is tucked out there in the depths of the Lost Wood. You will need to go through a special route to reach the Lost Woods. The Master Sword is unbreakable but it will occasionally run out of energy. Each time it will disappear from your inventory and then reappear after it had been fully recharged in 20 minutes.  It does critical damage so use it wisely to inflict the most damage possible to your enemies. It will be totally worth the quest you go through to retrieve it.

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