The Top Five Best Resident Evil Spinoffs

There have been too many to count...
best resident evil spinoffs

Resident Evil has been a game-changer in the world of gaming since its introduction about 2 decades ago. The game has gained a wide fan base across the globe who continue to enjoy the amazing game and its wonderful characters and missions. There has been a lot of games introduced under the name of the franchise including some cool spin-offs that feature alternative storylines. Some of which are really interesting and have proved to be a huge success with the Resident Evil’s fans. In this article we list the best game spin-offs that the game fans enjoyed throughout the years:

  1. Resident Evil: Dark Side Chronicles:

This game spin-off retells the story of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica in a new and interesting way. Its storyline aims at filling in the gamers on some spots that were missed in the history of Leon and Krauser that was referenced in the Resident Evil 4. The sharper and more advanced graphics plus the shaky camera that will put the gamers in the mood, manage to let the game get under the players’ skin. Special and excess ammo was harder to find so this meant that the gamers had to keep it until it was time for the main fights.

  1. Resident Evil: Dead Aim:

Dead Aim is probably the main inspiration behind the more refined RE4. The distant over the shoulder view was used to navigate and explore the game while taking aim would shift the camera to the first person view. It was the first game in the series to offer tactical aim where you gained special rewards for hitting specific targets. Gamers especially loved hitting their enemies in the legs which slowed them down.

  1. Resident Evil: Deadly Silence:

This was the fans’ dream come true by allowing them to take Resident Evil on the go with its entire original and all time favored features. The new Rebirth mode offered new puzzles and locales and the option to swipe the screen to use your knife. Although the content was not that impressive, the fans loved that Deadly Silence offered them the chance to carry the game around. Adding the game to the Nintendo DS collection changed the world for gamers because it allowed them to enjoy the game in the most way they saw fit. They could play it while commuting on the train or while rolling up in bed and no other RE moment will be missed ever again.

best resident evil spinoffs

  1. Resident Evil: Outbreak:

Although the market was already overcrowded with other games that attracted the fans, Resident Evil Outbreak managed to establish its status as one of the best multiplayer games available. Outbreak offered special and impressive character roster that featured different stats and skills with some of them even capable of crafting items. The diverse skills made the characters special and unique and allowed them to explore different areas of the game. The game also gave players the chance to team up with strangers to fight off monsters in 5 different scenarios.

best resident evil spinoffs

  1. Revelations 1 and 2:

Revelations 1 and 2 were great success giving more game time to some of the most favored characters. Revelations 2 was set between RE5 and 6 and allowed the fans to play alone swapping between characters or in cooperation where each player controls one of the characters. The option was highly related to the campaign mode selected. In this spin-off, there were several types of enemies and the boss fights offered a lot of suspense. The big cinematic battles and the improved skill trees made this game the most favored by many fans.

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