Top 10 GTA RP Characters

When Twitch first hit the scene I reacted like many gamers – Why would anyone ever waste their time watching other people play games when I could be playing them myself? Turns out I really suck at some (aka all) games and the only way I can experience them in all their glory is through the expertise that others bring to them. I have watched all types of games over the years and have several streamers that I gravitate towards, but nothing has piqued my interest quite like the roleplay servers for Grand Theft Auto V.

Although several of the “big” streamers like Summit1g have jumped on the GTA bandwagon as of late, I’m sorry to break it to them but GTA RP isn’t something newly created by their attention. The true roleplayers have been around for years and will continue to bless us with their improv skills for years to come, hopefully even carrying over into the rumored GTA VI if and when it releases.

Whether you prefer the virtual free for all of NoPixel, the more structured (if there is such a thing in GTA RP) The Family RP, or one of the many other GTA V roleplay servers, chances are you have a few favorite streamers that you turn to over and over. Some streamers have a full bench of characters to draw from while others stick to just one or two. So what characters should you watch? Instead of spending hours upon hours perusing clips of random streamers to find one you like, I have compiled a short list of the most entertaining streamers/characters out there right now that are worthy of your follow on Twitch. Welcome to our Top 10 GTA RP Characters.

Note: With so many characters to choose from it is possible that your favorite didn’t make the list. It could be I am just unaware of the character, so please leave a comment down below letting me know which streamers I should check out.

10. Vader – Eugene

What is it about the elderly that makes them so much fun to roleplay? Just like in real life, it’s the unpredictability of their ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude. And Vader brings Eugene to life in just that way. You never know what shenanigans Eugene will be involved in, but you are guaranteed one hell of a ride.

9. Ziggy – Lt. Ziggy Buggs

Why anyone would want to play a cop in GTA RP is beyond me, but Ziggy Buggs is one of the best. Patrolling Los Santos in his signature F-150, Ziggy is always ready to serve and protect. Or taze a criminal. Or crash his truck in magnificent ways during a hot pursuit. About as close as you can get to pure testosterone in a uniform, be sure to head out on a patrol with Ziggy Buggs.

8. Spaceboy – Melbert Rickenbacker

As people age they lose can lose a bit of their mental acuity, but I’m guessing Melbert never had any to begin with. Mel is one random act of insanity after another. Los Santos would probably be better off if Mel was stuck in a nursing home (or mental institution for that matter); fortunately for us, Spaceboy keeps him out on the streets, stirring the pot for our viewing pleasure.

7. Kitboga – Edna Moose

When he isn’t busy leading phone scammers on a wild goose chase, you can find Kitboga roleplaying Edna Moose. Granny Edna is the Columbo of Los Santos, at least in her own mind. Trying to prove her worth to the police, she is always on the lookout for crimers, injecting herself into crime scenes to “help out.” She has even gone as far as infiltrating gangs and committing crimes herself to test the police force.

6. kyliebitkin – Officer Angel

Officer Angel isn’t your typical cop. Often placing roleplay above her duty as an officer, Angel doesn’t just shut down the fun upholding the law, she adds to it by knowing when to turn a blind eye. Instead of just throwing the offender into the back of her car and carting them off to jail, Angel always tries to soften the blow with a little conversation first, helping the criminal come to terms with their fate. Time spent in jail is time not roleplaying, so giving other people an extra few minutes before starting their time out earns kyliebitkin and Officer Angel a place on this list.

5. PmsProxy – Ella Stone

Ella Stone, played by PmsProxy, may look like any other Millennial you would find sipping on a latte at Starbucks, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth.  Tow truck driver, small-time crook, and big-time nuisance to the cops are just a few of the jobs listed on her resume. Her pursuit of a little light-hearted fun often lands her on the wrong side of the law. So prepare to hold on tight as she jumps on her trusty moped Deborah and terrorizes the streets of Los Santos.

4. ashlynn- Brenda Pancake

When it comes to GTA RP, someone is always out there doing something illegal, but Brenda walks a more straight and narrow path. It just turns out that path usually intersects with trouble more often than not. To me, it feels like ashlynn plays Brenda as an innocent bystander attempting to lose that innocence, and the act is at it’s best when she fails. With her signature, “What? WHAAAAT?” Brenda lands here at number 4.

3. JaboodyShow – Jerry Curl

When Los Santos starts to heat up, you can always count on Jerry Curl to cool it back down. Jerry is laid back and full of soul. A simple man with simple needs, Jerry is always on the search for two things – the ladies, and beans. Yeah, you heard me right, beans. With The Jaboody Show trio of Justin, Damon, and Pops at the helm, Jerry is sure to have a hilarious response to any situation.

2. ClassyPax – Every character he ever played

ClassyPax is more than just a roleplayer, he is a master storyteller. Some RPers wait for just the right moment to shine, and Classy is out there making sure those moments happen. He is able to draw other people into his story with the best of them. After a hiatus from GTA to venture out into some other games, Classy is back and GTA RP is all the better for it.

1. MiltonTPike1 – Kiki Chanel

My personal favorite RPer, MiltonTPike1 is a tough one to explain. Actually, I will let ClassyPax explain it for me:

If you have never had the pleasure of watching Milton play Kiki you only need to know 2 things – 1, she is NSFW, and 2, you are in for a treat. 50% sass, 50% political incorrectness, 100% chaos. When Kiki is in town you can expect the cops to be on high alert and Pillbox Medical Center to be extremely busy. If Jerry Curl is the calm of Los Santos, Kiki is the storm. Like a tornado, Kiki pulls in any other person around her and spits them out when she is done with them. Her antics are so well known by the police I have seen them cuff her immediately upon coming to a crime scene just because the odds are she had something to do with it. If you decide to give Milton and Kiki a try, make sure to let him know in chat that he was #1 on this list as he will surely be humbled by the recognition.

Bonus Video

If you still aren’t convinced that GTA RP is worth your time, I am adding an extra video here as one last attempt to persuade you. This was written and performed by MiltonTPike1. Enjoy.


  1. Well this is something.

    I don’t know if you ordered by quality because I honestly hope not. I have nothing against this streamers but most of them will probably agree they are not in that spot.

    You missed a lot of the most iconic/top rp’ers:

    SilentSentry – If you want to see quality RP, you go to him. Before the “boom” he was part of the top streamers. He deserves #1
    dasmehdi – Lirik’s brother, a veteran in RP and one of the most popular streamers in the RP zone before the “boom”.
    Koil – NoPixel owner/dev also a really great RP’er
    Kyle – Not much to say here, he does some quality RP.
    Cyr – He is part of the trio, Spaceboy, Vader and him.
    uhSnow – Chief of police, you have KYLIEBITKIN but you don’t have him, I find that rather awkward for a top.
    MattRP – Same as above, one of the most loved police officers. (Ripley)
    Kimchi – He makes a lot of RP happening! Like the 1 mil $ race happening right now.
    Afro – Similar to Silent in my opinion, going for quality over anything else.

    I know you cant make a top 10 out of all this but ALL from the list are more deserving to be part of the list compared to some of the ones that made it in. The first 5 and a few from your list

    From the looks of it, I don’t think you ever watched GTA RP before the big streamers got in there.

    I may sound harsh but I think the article needs a lot more research.

    • I 100% with you completely.

      also don’t forget Chang- Lord_Kegun – 20K + people watching daily!
      your list is filled with my favorites as well! oh, also Timmac- Gomer!

    • Thanks for the input. I have actually been watching RP for a couple of years now, off and on, so it wasn’t the big streamers that pulled me in. In the contrary, it was an article about a large streamer claiming the end of RP as we know it because he was bored with it that made me want to write this article.

      I have seen all of the RPers you mentioned, and they are all good. This type of list has two ways of being created, either going solely by the numbers or having a little (or a lot) of subjectivity put into it. If you go by the sheer numbers, several of the top streamers would have made the list even though they arguably aren’t the best at RP. Currently, 3 of the RPers on your list aren’t even in the top 25 of viewer hours on Twitch, so obviously you would have to agree that isn’t a good judge of “good RP.”

      Subjectively, while my son agrees with you that SilentSentry should be number 1, he didn’t make it on my list. I did spend what I think is an ample amount of time watching clips and sometimes watching a single clip turned into hours of watching someone I hadn’t really watched much before.

      And that is the wonder of GTA RP. Even if you don’t like one of the RPers (I really don’t like koil’s RP, sorry) there are plenty out there that you will like. Again, thank you for your input, but we will just have to respectfully disagree on who should be #1.

  2. Milton is hilarious love watching him as kiki BUT why has no one mentioned whippy? He’s brilliant, his character irwin Dundee is defo worth a watch!

    • Thanks for the input Emzi. I will have to check out whippy. I am not familiar with him, but often times when someone mentions somebody to check out, I find that I have already seen one of their characters in action.

  3. Great list man. Agree to disagree on #1 :P. But I love the fact you had a clip of Classy explaining Milton 😛

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