Decay of Logos pays homage to Zelda in the best ways

It's an homage to Link's adventures...

decay of logos

The Indie Megabooth at PAX East is the single best place on earth to find new games. Every year we walk the show floor and find something that stands out which really gets us excited. A few years ago it was Darkest Dungeon. This year, our new game to watch is Decay of Logos. The fantastic story behind this game is that a small team in Portugal is putting it together. A single player RPG, fans will immediately connect with the female lead who hunts to find what happened to her village. Here is a break down of the game with some of the game mechanics as we begin to watch the development of this eye opening indie title.

Logos is set in a fantasy world full of magic. The plans and land fell under a corrupted spell and suddenly turned on the people. As the lone survivor of the village a young girl seeks answers across the landscape. The main villains are dryads lead by giants and other creatures of nature. With the aid of your sword and shield you will fight it out while exploring the backstory. The artwork is similar to Zelda in some ways and the game plays along those lines. However, progression is in the style of Dark Souls using weapons and armor to advance.

You don’t enter into this quest alone, our heroine has a pet elk that follows her on the journey. The developers explained that the elk mechanics are some of the most fun in the game. Like any animal, you’ll have to nurture your pet and keep them with you. The elk is ridable and will help you through a lot of challenges.

decay of logos

You’ll also be visited by a mysterious bard called the Wanderer who may or may not tip you off on where to go. Moving through different zones such as the Windmill Valley, or the Ancient Ruins, you’ll find several of the Dark Princes you must face down in the boss battles. The game is fairly open, but keeps a linear quest line for players.

Combat is critical in the game and the movement on the demo we saw flowed nicely. Using a sword and shield we were able to beat down a few dryads and gather up some weapons. There are options for dodge and block as well combining in a fast paced system which allows for freedom of choice. As mentioned above the team drew heavy inspiration from Dark Souls in this regard. Bows come into play as well. When we spoke to Diogo Teixeira, the CEO at Amplify Creations he explained that the learning curve is easy for experienced RPG players, but for someone new it may take some time. The opening of the game should give players plenty of time to get comfortable with abilities.

Decay of Logos really stood out among the indie titles. With only a handful of developers the game is really looking great. It will be available on PC and consoles as the team continues development. For fans of the genre this is one to watch. We’ll follow up with some interviews by the team in the coming months as more polish and content are added.

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