Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo – A New Day Draws Closer


For over twenty years fans have been in love with Final Fantasy 7, and now we have even more reason to be in love with the title. The FF7 Remake demo has just launched onto the PlayStation store and it was just in time to satiate our need for a look under the hood. Here is what I thought about the demo.

Ever since the tech demo for PlayStation 3, fans have cried out for a fully remastered Final Fantasy game. Finally, that day is drawing near with April 10th quickly approaching. After you enter the game you will be welcomed by a familiar intro scene, one that has been played as a preview for months, and an updated version of the original. The moment you see Aerith, Midgar, and finally the train sequence you are hooked. Coupled with that fantastic musical score, and you are transported back to the first time you played the game on PlayStation 1. The moment Cloud flips off of the train and you begin your journey to the first reactor you are plunged headlong into a fight to save the planet from Shinra.


The controls for FF7 Remake are very simple, square for your attacks, x for your combat menu for abilities and other items, and triangle gives you a second fighting mode with more powerful attacks. For things like dodging attacks you use circle, and you can block melee attacks with R1. Much like the original game you can increase your run speed by pushing either R1, R2, or simply push down the L3 button. Jumping over obstacles and climbing up ladders is now set to an automatic trigger when you walk next to them.

The feeling between action-RPG and classic controls is pretty good either way you want to play it. Classic combat allows you for more time to make decisions for the battles while playing with the default game mode gives you a period of slowdown where you can go into your menu and choose your options quickly. Your limit breaks are now set to an ATB gauge that refills more quickly than in the original, and they are set as an ability. Each character has two different ATB attacks that can be used so far. In the demo, you play as both Cloud and Barrett, which is a lot of fun, but I wish you could have gotten a taste of Aerith or Tifa in combat as well.

All in all, April 10th will be a great day for long time Final Fantasy fans, and the people who are going to try Final Fantasy for the first time ever. I had a lot of fun in the demo and will probably play it a few more times before the actual game launches. Square Enix has something big in store for us.

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  1. I look forward to it. Perhaps I’ll give the demo a go as well.

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