Getting Our Giant Robot Fighting on in the Gundam Versus Open Beta

Everybody was Gundam fighting...

If you are a Gundam fan, over the weekend Bandai Namco had an open beta for their soon to be released game “Gundam Versus.” This snuck up on me, but as a fan of Gundam, I had to give this beta a try and see what it was about. Gundam Versus is an arcade arena fighting game sporting some of your favorite mobile suits from the many various Gundam series. In the beta, there were a few modes that were testable, Ultimate Battle, Trail Battle, Free Battle, Casual Match and Player Match.

Ultimate Battle is a survival like game mode where you fight enemies in waves.  Each difficulty mode under ultimate battle has a set amount of waves needed to complete it. You do not have to play this mode alone, you can invite a friend to play with you and both try to survive the onslaught of enemies. While in Ultimate Battle, you will also sometimes come across an extra mission that you can tackle while playing it in online mode. These extra missions can range from big boss battles to who can kill the most enemies in the allotted time. Ultimate Battle mode was really fun, but  I also found the Trail Battle mode to be just as fun.

Trail Battle mode is a mode where you choose different routes and it takes you through different missions based on one of the Gundam series. What I noticed from this mode unlike with Ultimate battle is that you do not get to choose your partner Mobile suit. Seeing as Trail Battle does follow a story arc it is not a bad thing. In the beta, there was only one route available, but from what I played I enjoyed every bit of it. Ultimate Battle and Trail Battle are the two PVE game modes. The PVP modes in Gundam Versus consist of Free Battle, Casual Match, and Player Match.

Free Battle is a 2v2 mode where you and a computer NPC face off against 2 other NPCs.  As I didn’t have another controller I couldn’t really test and see if this could be a couch vs or co-op sort of game mode. In this mod, you are able to select the difficulty of the NPC mobile suits from easy to very hard. I used Free Battle as a method to train and get better at the different mobile suits I found fun to play. For the players who are looking to just queue for a quick match, Casual Match may be the mode for you.

Casual Match is the gameplay mode that allows you to queue for 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 player matches. I was able to get a few 1v1’s in during my beta play and got whopped until I figured out my method to train. 2v2’s and 3v3’s sometimes had long queue times its to be expected during a beta especially with people really looking to just do some quick matches. If I wanted a faster 2v2 experience I found it better to hop into the Player Match mode and join a room.

In Player Match mode you can make or join a players room to play 2v2 matches.  In each room, you can have anywhere from 4-18 players. If you choose above four participants it is to be noted it’s not free for all type deal. When you pick 18 participants mean nine teams of two. This game mode made it pretty easy to get into quick and consistent 2v2 matches. With the many mobile suits to choose from it made for many fun matches.

Gundam Versus

I’m really looking forward to the release of Gundam Versus on September 29. I was able to play with a buddy who is also a big fan of the Gundam series and we easily spent 4 hours playing it on Saturday. I do want to note the attention to detail for when you lose in this game. When you lose, your team’s mobile suits are displayed on your screen the way they were destroyed in their respective series. That is some great attention to detail. If you have given the beta a try I would love to hear your opinions and which mobile suits you enjoyed playing with.

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