Immortal Unchained is a sharp looking Action RPG from ToadMan Games

Immortal Unchained

The single player action RPG can grow and change, sometimes we get a lot of similar titles. Yet, every now and then a game comes along that truly catches our attention. Immortal Unchained is simply flat out cool. This RPG takes place in the future where you are released from prison as a living weapon to battle across several planets and take down alien foes. Sounds familiar right, well, the team at ToadMan Games have mixed in some fantastic artwork and design with solid gameplay to bring a great demo to PAX.

The game is a third person view shooter. The interface and design were easy, but the monsters and action combat are tough. The team explained that they wanted to make it difficult like the older games and bring back a feeling of victory when you actually beat something. It definitely takes a lot of hardcore influence from Dark Souls and brings it into a dark science fiction setting. The design of the game is fantastic in its bleak future with snow covered mountains and huge cavernous technological caves.

Once released, you have two weapon forms at your disposal. The primary is the guns which are upgradable and have lots of different options. The other is two melee weapons carried on your back. For the demo, they were giant maces used to club alien robots to death.

Immortal Unchained

The maps had multiple tiers and built out a snow landscape which gave us a lot of places to explore. There were alien robots on multiple levels with traps and safe points throughout. Traversing the map we died a few times, but once through a tough spot, it was great to smash down the enemies and gun them from afar.

The game has a unique narrative which pits the player into a world of lies. You are a prisoned criminal after all so the faction you are working for may not allow you to survive these missions. You always have to be on your guard when reading and listening to quests in case lies rear their ugly words and deceive you down the wrong path. It was a tricky element to the game we thought rare.

The game has a lot of movement in it as well. Positioning and aim are key to a fight. Als, it has a targeting system which allows you to shoot opponents limbs. Don’t like that giant shield in your way, shoot the arm, and the alien will drop it. This tactic even works in the boss fights it you can get them down enough.

You can increase your skills, weapons, and will find pillars of light where you gain in these abilities. Points can be spread across any area to allow for customization.

Immortal Unchained was a gem at PAX we did not expect to find. Fans of Riddick and Warhammer 40,000 will absolutely love this game. It has a gritty art style and an unforgiving approach to gameplay. Hopefully we will see a launch sometime next year.

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