Rapture Rejects Alpha – A Cyanide And Happiness Battle Royale

If you were watching last months E3 Expo you would’ve seen the announcement of Rapture Rejects, developed by Galvanic and Explosm Games who have also partnered up with tinyBuild.

In a nutshell. Rapture Rejects is a top-down isometric, last man standing battle royale. Set in the apocalyptic version of the Cyanide and Happiness universe, this webcomic began via media platforms like Myspace, Quora and Facebook way back in 2004 gaining mass popularity with its regular jokes/references about controversial topics that include appearances from Jesus fully equipped with religious puns. Designed in a stick figure style, any fan of the comic is going to want to get in and put the world on blast!


This Friday will see me participate in the third two hour Rapture Rejects Alpha test and if I had to describe the game so far in one word, that word would be “chaotic,” which is simply perfect not only because the game is in early stages of its development but because it’s Cyanide and Happiness! The world is meant to be chaotic, wrapped up in a little bow made out of pure awkward.

Customer creation is adorable. There is just enough choices that compliment the art style plus for the first time in a game, you can be a man and a woman!

The game unfolds as you would expect a battle royale too: You’re on the map of an apocalyptic town running around surviving attacks from others, looting or trying to read every billboard and bottle to see if there are any Cyanide and Happiness references! Then comes the wall of doom shrinking the map forcing all left closer to each other until one survives and gets to go to heaven!

I’ll be ready to jump into the queue as soon as we can because I am keen to improve my aim skills along with making sure this test is the one I Don’t blow myself up with my own bombs! It takes a little getting used to the camera angles particularly when entering buildings, finding myself getting stuck and having to click furiously until I mini bunny hop through hoping I don’t get shot at whenever this occurs. So far, so good.

This early on what’s already very telling is that the community is already shaping up to be a helpful one filled with passionate people looking for humor, as well as dominance. Developers jump into Discord during tests and make regular efforts with updates including this Friday being the first time the EU server will be up and running!

Rapture Rejects is going to be a definite crowd-pleaser, making me curious if there will be any Twitch integration tools developed for the game to take advantage of this? With or without this extra finesse be sure to sign up for Alpha so I can zap you with some back alley cotton candy! You won’t regret it.

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