Ruiner is shaping up to be one hell of a ride

Twin-stick shooting FTW.

Nothing is more exciting than when a game blows away your expectations. In today’s age of instant information and ease of access, it seems to happen less and less. However every once in awhile a game sneaks up and really surprises me. When I fired up RUINER from developer Reikon Games, I was expecting your standard twin-stick shooter with some great action and chaotic gameplay, what I experienced was so much more. I’m still only in the beginning stages of the game so this will be more of a first impressions piece but keep your browser locked to with our full review dropping with the game’s release on September 26.


RUINER is a game set in a cyberpunk future where the line between computer and man has blurred and AI is common as your local corner store. Reikon has taken great care in their creation of the RUINER world with a design that would fit in well at a BladeRunner Anniversary screening. The visuals are spectacular and work well to help create a world that begs to be explored.

I was pleasantly surprised with the inclusion of an overworld that you are free to explore and even complete side quests. This isn’t something found often in a twin-stick shooter but it does add to the depth and mystery of the game. In fact this is one of the most intriguing aspects of the game early on, it really draws you into the narrative with its use of both story delivery and world design.

Mechanically the game runs extremely well on my Xbox One controller and as with all twin stick shooters, this is the recommended way to play (honestly it’s in the name). That being said, I did try out the keyboard/mouse combo and it also worked surprisingly well. The button layout is smooth and works well and the controls feel really tight.


This is crucial because RUINER is a game that is all about combat. It’s fast, chaotic and can be unforgiving. I found more than once that I had to restart a section of a level simply because I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings. One of my favorite parts of combat so far is that you are constantly having to pick up new weapons to engage enemies with as there is no reloading of weapons with the exception of your starter pistol. It forces your to really think through how to engage each situation. It keeps you on your toes and feels great.

You are introduced early on to a skill system which I have only just begun to explore but from what I can tell it looks like you will be able to flesh out your character to maximise your play style. As you progress through the game you will collect points that can be spent on specifically abilities and skills. I’m curious to see how this develops as I continue through the campaign.

To tie this all together I am finding RUINER to be an exciting, action packed shooter with what looks to be some engaging story. I intend to spend some more time with the title and look forward to sharing my final thoughts with you after the game’s release on the 26th of September. Until then keep your browser locked here for all the latest on this and many other gaming titles.

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