Secret of Mana is more than a remake and we’ve played it

Randi is gonna need your help again...
Secret of Mana Remake

Okay, look, most of us (and by “us” I mean those fortunate enough to have been born in the SNES golden era and some very hip gamer kids) we all know the Secret of Mana is one of the greatest JRPGs of all time. And now fans new and old will get a chance to experience the remastered version. We got to check out a brief glimpse of what’s in store during my time at PAX.

As implied, this is still very much the same game you may have played way back when in 1993, but it’s gotten a cosmetic and auditory overhaul. You’ll start off as Randi, a normal kid just out for a hike in the woods with his friends only now the story will unfold with more detailed animations and a fully-voiced script. The soundtrack is also getting a new arrangement, but still holds its familiarity, the boss battle music was particularly nostalgic for me. The frantic pace took me right back to the first time I ever found that magic sword in the woods and set off on an adventure.

Combat definitely feels the same, but there’s been a few weeks to make it more in step. It’s hard to really tell at this point what that really has changed at this point since it’s been quite some time since I played the original. But the core mechanics seem to have not changed much but our play time was limited up to the point where you fall in the hole in the middle of town and battle the giant praying mantis monster.

Secret of Mana

At the very least you won’t have to buy a multitap unit to play couch co-op with your friends this time. No word yet on whether or not your co-op options will expand beyond that or how combat will function in a multiplayer game. But we will be sure to keep an eye for more news as it comes to light.

At the present though the remaster is still in its early development phase. But what needs to be said? It’s Secret of Mana! This is one of the greatest games ever made and it’s coming to PS4, PS Vita and Steam next February, 2018.  

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