The True Warriors of Chaos Enter Total War: Warhammer: Hands On with Norsca


Hunt down monsters. Hunt down the weak. Hunt for life, glory, and power. Such is the will of the Gods. We went hands on with Norsca, the new free faction added to Total War: Warhammer, over the weekend.

I was given the opportunity to test out the newest playable faction for Total War: Warhammer, the Norsca. The Norsca come from the peninsula of Norsca, confusing right? This land is in the north of the Old World lying outside of the Chaos Wastes. The Norsca are a fierce tribe of Viking like humans, trolls, and other monstrous creatures they’ve captured and tamed.

The Norsca are lead by Legendary Lord Wulfrik the Wanderer. The sub-faction of the Norsca are the Wintertooth, lead by Legendary Lord, Throgg the Troll King. Being followers of Chaos, they use units available to Warriors of Chaos: Marauders, Warhounds, Marauder Horsemen, and Trolls. They also have giant war mammoths and other monsters that fight alongside them.


The Norsca play easy, with some very important micromanaging. Everything they do is for their God. There are four Gods to erect shrines to when you capture cities. They call their Gods by different names, but you would know them as the Gods of Chaos: the Snake (Slaanesh), the Crow (Nurgle), the Eagle (Tzeentch), or the Hound (Khorne). By raiding settlements and honoring God, you will start to fill up a meter (at the top of the screen) that will grant you a bonus when filled. To fill the bar you need to continue to raid, destroy and honour that god.

As you complete certain tech, you will get a message about monsters that you can go and fight. These monsters are handled like small boss fights. Upon victory, you will gain a reward to bolster your armies. Their economy is handled very differently. There is not a lot of income from the settlements. I would venture to say 83% will come from raiding, sacking invaded settlements, and looting. Settlements for the Norsca can take place anywhere in Norsca. Once you leave the peninsula, they are limited to settlements on the coast and faction capitals. Your “villagers” will crave Chaos. The less Chaos in a settlement, the more they will be displeased.


If you are looking for a Grand Campaign all about war, fighting and destruction, the Norsca are for you. They will quickly hop in their longboats, sail across the sea and destroy all in their path, including their own. They will hunt down monsters and the weak. They will sail from coast to coast, looTing and pillaging as they go. They will be the last ones left.

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