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Tracks – The Train Set Game is nostalgia laced and addicting

Is this early access game "on track"?

Developed by Whoop, published by Excalibur Games Tracks – The Train Set Game is a simulated wooden train set sandbox that currently has two modes and two environments.

  • Free play – Play the environment freely with no restrictions or objectives.
  • Passengers – Taking passengers to their destinations.
  • Clear
  • Modern Apartment
Tracks Early Access Trailer

Whoop are active on Steam which is always great to see for an Early Access Indie game and where I also caught up on such details such as Freight mode coming soon that I will keep a close eye on, as well as more art assets and open conversation on development/bug priorities. 


Growing up with a train driving grandfather, near railroads where we would sit almost every day as kids watching them go by I remember yearning to be able play with train sets after the first time I knew they existed but I was a girl and I got dolls instead with absolutely no regret because I had a big brother so could play with his toys also. I had the best of all worlds, but he got ships and racing cars so we never got around to building that train set wistfully envying any I would see thereafter.

Then a million years later I found this game by marvelous accident last week and even in early access, it is everything I had hoped absolutely excited for its future.


Tracks is simple to use with a UI that feels like you are reading an interior decorating brochure and that gets me straight to the part that made me whoop (no pun intended.) You actually get an option to build in a virtual house environment throwing your imagination into an endless pit of “imagine if….” while you take your passengers under or over the furniture.

Placing tracks and all other building components you gain as you level is straightforward enough though restarting each time my UI has been at different stages so logging quickly into a game is yet to be fluid though I have no doubt this will change as the game develops. The tutorial skip button coming soon will be very welcome also!


Passengers are tricky little folks also admitting I am naughty and try to drop them off everywhere I shouldn’t which perhaps doesn’t help! Zero difficulties what so ever performance wise though I still have a long way to go to build large-scale towns and cities to really see how my computer welcomes a full-scale game.


With Halloween near I am curious if there will be seasonal maps, components or objectives daydreaming about this game as a co-op, even a community creator mode for build offs or dungeon style objectives. What about different types of train sets like copper and brass Steampunk or actual train stations around the world so you can travel there via this game? Imagine it in Augmented Reality?!

Remember that endless pit? This game just throws your imagination like coals onto a furnace of possibilities full steam ahead – all aboard! Choo Choo!

So yes, this game is on track!

Highly recommend Tracks – The train set game to all ages that love trains, have ever wanted to build a train set or want to wrap your mind around a nostalgic kind of stimulating building game. Very excited for this game’s future. Are you playing or does Tracks appeal to you? Do you love trains like I do? Super curious if there are any other train enthusiasts out there!

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