Our Windjammers Review – Volleydisc is fun!


Windjammers take me back to the days when I was a child sitting down playing the Sega Genesis with my siblings.  Windjammers is a great classic competitive game that has recently been re-released for the ps4. This was my first time playing Windjammers but it was instant love. Controls are simple and it is really easy to get into, especially when playing against others.

Modes of Gameplay

Windjammers have a few different game modes to play. The arcade mode is classic to games of this style like back in the day. You face off against each character until you win the championship. Windjammers also have a 1v1 local and online versus mode, with there being a ranked mode for online. If you are into leaderboards and everyone knowing your name, then ranked mode is the mode for you.

During the arcade mode, there are bonus stages like in Street Fighter. As this is a disc throwing game, there is a bonus stage where you have to catch the Frisbee. This bonus stage threw me for a loop as I thought I was controlling the disc for the majority of it. The other bonus stage is a bowling stage. Yep, bowling with disc and it was super fun. I found it fun when I didn’t get a strike and tried to curve the disc to get spares.


During play, there are 2 sets and the first person to get to 12 points wins the set. It’s basically “best 2 out 3” style. Win 2 sets and you win the match. There are 3 ways to get points. Shoot the disc into one of 2 goal zones, one worth 3 points and the other being worth 5 points. The other way to get points is to lob the disc and hopefully, the opponent doesn’t catch it. If they don’t that is going to be 2 points coming your way.


In WindJammers there are 6 different characters to choose from; Hiromi Mita (Japan), Steve Miller (UK), Jordi Costa (Spain), Lori Biaggi (Italy), Gary Scott (US) and Klaus Wessel (Germany). Each character has different stats in terms of speed and power. Some will be faster than others while others will be stronger and slower. Each character also comes with a unique disc throwing special. Most of these specials are pretty hard to catch but if you can, you can turn the match around. I love how different each special throw behaves. When it comes to choosing a character to play, you can’t go wrong with any. They are all fun to play with.


Besides the special throws of each character, another part I really love about Windjammers is the stadiums. As different as each character is, each stadium is just as different. Each stadium’s goal zone varies in size. In some, the 5-point goal may be larger or smaller. The same can be said of the 3-point goal area too. Not only do the size varies but so does the position. Sometimes you will find the 5-point area one the edges of the goal area with a large 3-point area in the middle. Some stages even have barriers that you can use to bounce the disc and it just adds more strategic playing to the match.


Final Thoughts

Windjammers is a great competitive and fun game to chill out with friends and play or play online against other people. The online competitive mode I found was challenging but also fun. Seeing how good some of the people I played against were was just amazing. There were periods of me yelling out loud “What? How? I thought we had something special with that rally we were doing!” I highly recommend giving this game a try and seeing what you think. If you decide to give it a try let me know what you think down below in the comments. Also who’s your favorite character to play as? I usually go Hitomi, but have recently started to like playing with Steve.

Windjammers Score – 9/10

  • Great style
  • Tons of replay
  • Easy to pick up
  • Could use more game modes
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